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Muslims Living In The Western Countries


Time and again we hear uproars by Muslims living in England regarding introduction of Sharia law.


This is extremely absurd demand. It does not make any sense to ask for introduction or imposition of Sharia law in England. England is not a Muslim country, and Muslims living in England, mostly immigrants, are a small minority who have no right to ask for imposition of Islamic law.


There are 51 Muslim states across the globe. Most of them are located in the heartland of Islam, Middle East. None of them has adopted Sharia as law. They are mostly sheikhdoms, which use old tribal Arab laws to rule their subjects. The Middle Eastern countries which have adopted slightly modern form of governance are not different than their sister sheikhdoms.


The reason is simple and clear. There is no such thing as Sharia law. Every Muslim has his own notion of Sharia and he wants to impose that Sharia on rest of the Muslims and the world at large.


Even modern day Iran, which is directly under the control of clergy, can hardly be called an Islamic state; it is a loose dictatorship of the mullahs, because there is no space for mullahism in Islam.


The fact of the matter is equalizing mullahism with Islam is the most catastrophic mistake made by Muslims across the globe. It is net result of Muslims’ efforts to find answers of political questions from Islam.


A crude, undeveloped tribal system presented as Islamic system is merely clergy’s effort to gain control of political power and turn Muslim countries into theocratic states. Many misguided Muslims get carried away and spend their lives in imposition of primitive Arabian tribal system as Sharia in their respective countries.


Muslims living in western countries should stay away from this political Islam. They are lucky to live in societies where there is no persecution, where there is freedom of thought and action, and where they can lead their lives as they wish.


Calling for imposition of Sharia law in western countries is a serious mistake. By doing so, they can lose the shelter and refuge they have sought in western countries from   back home repressive governments.  


Therefore, common Muslims living in western countries should keep such lunatic characters in check who make such stupid demands like imposition of Sharia law in western countries.


The best thing for Muslims living in the western countries is to be thankful to their adopted homelands and try to assimilate in local cultures or societies. These cultures provide them enough of freedom to practice their religion, they should enjoy these freedoms and keep these countries peaceful, free from religious divisions and indoctrinations.  




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