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Why International Criminal Court (ICC) Must Arrest and Try Gen. Musharraf?

Military rulers of Pakistan have held Pakistanis hostage for the last 50 years. They illegally take over the country; commit gross violations of peoples’ human, political and citizens’ rights.


General Musharraf, fourth such general, illegally took over Pakistan on October 12, 1999 in violation of constitution of Pakistan.


The constitution of Pakistan contains article 6, which declares military take over a crime punishable by death sentence.  


Since, courts in Pakistan are not free they do not entertain any petition against general Musharraf and try him under article 6.


During last 7 years of his illegal control of state of Pakistan, general Musharraf has used state agencies to disappear 247 people, put many opponents in jail through unfair judicial trials, and killed hundreds of people.


Javed Hashmi, a prominent politician, president of Pakistan Muslim League (N), the second largest political party in Pakistan have been jailed under fraudulent charges for 23 year through fake judicial trial. 


The latest political killing took place three months ago in Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan where a prominent political leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti, was killed on the orders of general Musharraf. So far, no case has been allowed to be filed against general Musharraf and his security forces.


Before Security Forces killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, general Musharraf made an open threat on national television in which he declared that they would be hit in such a way they even will not know where the bullet came from. 

In order to maintain his illegal control over the state of Pakistan, General Musharraf arranged an unconstitutional, unlawful and fake referendum on April 30, 2002, through which he once again fraudulently appointed himself as the President of Pakistan. He himself admitted on national television that his anti-Constitution referendum was rigged and countless fake votes were cast.

The people of Pakistan are sick and tired of illegal takeovers of the country. Pakistan’s courts, instead of giving relief to people, they provide shelter to coup makers like general Musharraf under law of necessity.  After illegally taking over the country, these coup makers send all those judges home who do not want to take oath of loyalty to them.  General Musharraf also fired 18 judges who refused to take oath of loyalty to him.  The judges working right now under general Musharraf’s dispensation are bound not take up cases against him.


Under these circumstance people of Pakistan have no way to get justice against general Musharraf or the Core Commanders of Pakistan Army who abetted general Musharraf in illegal takeover and now they are helping him to maintain this illegal control.


The people of Pakistan struggled perilously for last 50 years to establish democracy and rule of law in the country. They struggled to establish supremacy of constitution, rule of law and parliament in the country, but Pakistani generals failed them through unlawful punishments like flogging, rigorous violence, jail terms and extra judicial killings.


On behalf of people of Pakistan, we pray to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for arrest and trial of general Musharraf and his collaborators in uniform. 160 million people of Pakistan have no legal recourse to stop general Musharraf and collaborators from disappearances, killings and jailing of political opponents in the country. Therefore, it is a must that ICC steps in and save the people of Pakistan from further disappearances, killings and jailing of innocent people.




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