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Moderates Vs. Extremists Is A Fake Electoral Issue

General Musharraf and his team of con artists are expert in generating fake political issues and non-issues and starting debates on their basis to deceive, mislead and confuse the people of Pakistan.


For example, general Musharraf has always said that he is a democrat in his heart and mind. Burt practically he has done things to destroy the democratic themes, notions, ideas, institutions and trends of Pakistani society. He has crippled and handicapped everything in Pakistan that can be named “democratic”.


Another example, he falsely claims that he is trying to build Pakistan according to the ideals of father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Practically, he has done every thing diametrically opposed to Jinnah’s ideals.


Now a day, he is frequently advising the people of Pakistan to vote for liberal and moderate forces in next general elections. The people who support him, he portrays them as moderates. The people who oppose him, he calls them extremists.


This is very misleading argument. Even Benazir Bhutto has been fooled by general Musharraf’s this line of argument. The other day, in a TV interview with Forum host Shaheryar Azhar of ARY, she repeated General Musharraf’s argument that next elections are going to be between moderates and conservatives. That argument clearly puts Benazir Bhutto in general Musharraf’s camp. But this is not the issue right now.


Cunningly, the con artist general Musharraf  has turned a fake issue like moderates versus extremists in to an election issue for the next elections. The fact of the matter is these extremists never won more than two percent seats in national elections ever in the history of Pakistan. It is general Musharraf whose ISI made them win enough of seats in two provinces and at federal level in 2002 elections to use them for the purpose of gaining legitimacy with their help.


He is today where he is, first because of stupid verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan and then second, because of these so called extremists. Had these extremists not helped general Musharraf passing 17th amendment, there would have been another martial law and the nation would have been dealing with a different general.


Moderate versus extremists is also a fake electoral issue because mullahs have always been on the side of military. Military Mullah Alliance has become an adage in Pakistani society. Therefore, general Musharraf’s self claim to moderation and mullah’s to extremism is a cunning way to subside peoples’ focus from the real issue.


What is the real issue of 2007 elections in Pakistan? The real issue is: Lawlessness vs. constitutionalism. There are only two types of forces in Pakistan: those who support constitution, democracy and rule of law and those who violate constitution oppose democracy and rule of law.


General Musharraf, mullahs and fake politicians who are currently supporting general Musharraf are the one who have constantly violated constitution, sabotaged democracy and created the culture of lawlessness in Pakistan. They are  real extremists and. they are the real enemies of Pakistan. They are wolves in sheep’s skins. They are all one under general Musharraf' s leadership.  The people of Pakistan have to throw them out with the power of vote and restore constitution, rule of law and democracy in the country.  



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