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Who Should People of Pakistan Turn To?

It has become a routine in Pakistan that a C-in-C illegally takes over the country, resets the national political clock at zero hour and restarts to shape the political process according to his whimsical notions.


Right now, Pakistan is going to fourth such phase. A fourth C-in-C in row is illegally in power for the last 7 years.


It is true the people of Pakistan never had had control over Pakistan’s sovereignty. GHQ always took decisions on all matters of national importance. GHQ’s representative, the C-in-C in power, molded events according to the wishes of GHQ. General Musharraf has added new dimension to this control over the state. Within last 7 years, general Musharraf has turned Pakistan’s sovereignty into his show lace. Before general Musharraf, Pakistan Army was a national institution, now, it has become general Musharraf’s army, because, instead of protecting Pakistan’s interests, this army is protecting general Musharraf’s interests.


As this scenario is becoming more unacceptable to patriotic Pakistanis, more and more of them are questioning this set-up.


Last week, Voice of America held a round table conference on Pakistan’s constitutional matters. One of the questions discussed in the round table conference was the implementation of article 6 of the constitution. Justice Saeed UZ Zaman Siddiqui who is vehement supporter of implementation of article 6 to stop illegal takeovers in Pakistan was also on the panel. One of the participants asked about implementation of article 6. S.M. Zaffar, a prominent constitutional expert, who was also on the penal, said the article 6’s implementation will require the trial of, other than C-in-C who takes over the country, all those judges and attorneys who abet the commander in chief to maintain illegal control over the state of Pakistan.


60 years is a long period in the history of a nation. Continuity of illegal takeovers and their approval by Supreme Court is a serious problem.


Supreme Court is the highest court in the country which is supposed to provide justice and protect the people of Pakistan from adventurers like general Ayub, Yahya, Zia and general Musharraf. However, instead of protecting the people, the Supreme Court of Pakistan sided with these adventurers and helped perpetuate their illegal control over the state.


The last such decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan has almost destroyed Pakistan’s fundamental political ethos. Through its verdict, Supreme Court not only allowed general Musharraf to remain in power, it also allowed him to alter the constitution, erect a fake political system and set frogs like Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi, Mohammad Ali Durrani, Tariq Azeem, Kishmala Tariq, Sumera Malki and Nilofer Buktiar  free to croak the songs about the blessings of general Musharraf’s system.


The framers of 1973 constitution included article 6 in the constitution to save the people and the country from illegal takeovers.


If article 6 has failed, it has failed because the Supreme Court judges.  They were supposed to implement this article. However, they chickened out and instead of implementing the article 6 they decided to side with the violators of the constitution.


With this onslaught by criminal command in chiefs, with this kind of chicken Supreme Court judges, and with a parliament based on bunch of toady and subservient MNAs and Senators who should people of Pakistan turn to?


Who is there who will implement article 6, try criminal generals and judges and restore the sanctity of law and make Pakistan a normal functioning state?





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