Tuesday September 06, 2016







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Scrap The Whole Hudood Ordinance

There is a good and right way to do things and there is a bad and wrong way to do things. General Musharraf always chooses a bad and wrong way to do things. The fresh example is the way he handled Hudood Ordinance.


He tried to strike balance between Mullahs and Liberals or Extremist Liberals in his words. The result of this effort is the bill still stands on its two feet with full force and poor women of Pakistan who are living in the worst slavery conditions will get minimum benefit out of this legal change.


The rule of thumb is every time a legislative body tries to deal with a current law it should remove the anomalies in its present form and if this law does not serve the purpose it should be taken off he books.


Hudood ordinance has not done anything good in Pakistan. Since general Zia imposed it on Pakistan, more people have suffered unjustly under this law than benefiting from it. It also became a source of corruption at police station level because of its dual nature wiz-a-wiz Pakistanís common law.  


Then what is the sense in continuing this law? Islam does not hinge on Hudood ordinance. Islam existed before general Zia introduced this law in Pakistan and it will exist if this law is removed from the books.


Changes made in Hudood ordinance by introducing Women Protection Bill (a deceptive title to fool people at home and abroad) general Musharraf has left the most controversial ordinance intact.


The right thing to do is to scrap off Hudood ordinance in totality. Instead of scrapping of this ordinance, general Musharraf has chosen to use it to score points and sharpen the divide lines in Pakistani politics.


After getting all the mileage out of right wing forces, general Musharraf has been craving for a while to bring liberal and left of the center forces closer to him to use them in next phase of his scheme of things. He has used Hudood ordinance exactly to do the same. Now, mullahs stand on the other end and PPP and other liberal parties stand on his side.


By introducing Women Protection Bill, general Musharraf may have achieved his desired political results, but there is not going to be much change in the anomalies and havocs caused by this ordinance in Pakistani law and Pakistani society.


The right thing to do is to get rid of Hudood ordinance in totality, there is nothing Islamic in Hudood ordinance.   




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