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Possible Iraq Solution

Iraq has practically become the paradise of terrorists. It has all happened after United States invaded Iraq. During last three and half years, half a million Iraqis and 3 thousand American soldiers have lost their lives. Still there is no end in sight.


UK and US governments are trying to approach Iran and Syria for making some sort of arrangements to stabilize situation in Iraq. There is no obvious reason, why Iran and Syria should cooperate with United States to calm down things in Iraq? Both Iran and Syria would rather see US bleed in Iraq instead of getting an easy exit. Therefore, it will be a futile effort on the part of UK and United States to approach Iran and Syria for this purpose.


So, what should be done? Is there any possible solution to complex Iraqi problem?


There are no easy options for Iraqis and for the United States. However, if US and Iraq’s current regime like, certain steps can be taken to avert the insurgency, lawlessness and violence.


Here is one possible solution if United States and Iraqi regime like to try it.


First thing, President Bush has constantly stated that he cannot give any timetable for pullout of US forces.


He should not make any statement about pullout, but he should give a clear-cut pullout timetable to Mr. Maliki.


Without making any media statement, Mr. Maliki should arrange a meeting with the leaders of all know insurgent groups, and he should try to convince them for a ceasefire on the condition that if they stop violence in Iraq, US forces will pullout of Iraq. Both insurgent leaders and US should agree to a timetable for maintenance of peace in Iraq and pullout of US forces.


During the first phase, say one month’s period from a certain date, insurgent leaders should guarantee peace in Iraq, and a certain number of US troops should move to Kuwait. Then insurgents should maintain peace for another month and certain number of US troops should move to Kuwait or to some other US base.


We know the situation in Iraq is pretty bad and no one really has things in his control, but there must be some people in Iraq who Mr. Maliki can use to arrange such meeting with insurgent leaders.


By adopting this strategy,  Iraq may become peaceful and US end its obligation fairly quickly









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