Tuesday September 06, 2016







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Pakistani Americans: Please Get Out And Vote


With US elections few days away, Americans of Pakistani descent are trying to make up their minds about their favorite party and candidates.


Most of Pakistani Americans want to vote according to their party affiliations. Republicans want to vote for Republican candidates and Democrats want to vote for Democrat candidates.


Different Pakistani American organizations have issued voting advisories. Those advisories suggest who they should vote for and who they should not vote for. Most of these advisories are issued on the basis of the allegiance of the advisory makers. Those who belong to GOP have advised their members and friends to vote for Republican candidates. Those who belong to Democratic Party have advised their members to vote for democrats.


Iraq war is a major issue in current mid term American elections. Mainstream Americans are divided on this issue. However, majority of them want this war should end and US forces should come back home as soon as possible.


Many Republican candidates have distanced themselves from President Bush to win their voters over.


Majority of Pakistani Americans do not approve Iraq war however they donít want to cast their votes solely on the basis of Iraq war. They do want to consider other minus and plus points of the candidates who they like to vote for.


There were times when Pakistani Americans did not care about voting, but this is not the case any longer.


Now, most of the Pakistani Americans take electoral process seriously. They know their vote makes a difference and the people they elect make decisions which affect United States external and internal policies.  


Moreover, elections are not limited to electing Congressmen and Senators. In United States, representatives are elected from city council to members of different boards which run different government institutions.


All those offices are important. They all affect our lives one way or the other. Therefore, it is important that we really investigate our representatives before we vote for them. No body knows it better than Pakistani Americans, because they faced all such institutions in the aftermath of 9/11


Pakistan Weekly does not have any advisory list for Pakistani Americans. However, we do urge Pakistani Americans should elect candidates who are sharp, intelligent, honest, dedicated, amiable, and who understand the intricacies of local, national and international politics real well.


Do not vote for the candidates who are inaccessible.  Every public representative has to represent his voters. If any candidate is not accessible how is he going to represent his voters?


We also urge upon all Pakistani Americans that they must go to polling booths and cast their votes. US is our homeland, we need to make sure we elect the right people to run its affairs.







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