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It’s A Crime To Use Military Weapons And Tactics Against Civilians In No War Zone

Since US started its war against terrorism, general Musharraf has taken full advantage and used this war to perpetuate his illegal rule over the state of Pakistan. His actions against the people of Pakistan also resemble with tactics that US is using against terrorists across the globe.


Recent air strike in Bajaur Agency which killed 80 some people is the fresh example of use of such tactics.


Bajaur is not a war zone. It is Pakistan’s territory and the residents of Bajaur are subject to the laws of state of Pakistan.


Treating Bajaur as war zone and its residents as enemies is a criminal act. If there was any illegal activity going on in Bajaur, the state forces should have moved in and arrested, tried and jailed the criminals. No law, national or international, allows bombing people who are not engaged in war against the state.


The pre air strike events were reported by ISPR Major General Shaukat Sultan in these words “We were informed about the presence of 70 to 80 miscreants, including some foreigners, who were getting militant training in the madrassa. The army used gunship helicopters and precision weapons in the operation,”


Why army used gunship helicopters and precision weapons to kill those “miscreants” why army did not try to raid that area and arrest the culprits. If army had arrested those “miscreants” and handed over to them to law enforcement agencies to try them in the court of law, the world would know the identity and nationality of those alleged criminals.


But it seems like in this war against terrorism, the focus is on killing people not on knowing their identity or nationality. It is the model being applied around the globe wherever war on terror is being fought.


General Musharraf has used this “terrorism” rhetoric to perpetuate his illegal control over the state of Pakistan. Anyone who challenges his legitimacy he labels him with Al Qaeda, militant, extremist, etc. and have him killed.


Few months back, general Musharraf did the same thing in Balochistan where he killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, a political leader, and several other Balochis with these gunship helicopters and precision weapons.


If such weapons are used in war zones, it makes some sense, but using such weapons in no war zones does not make any sense. Moreover, it is against the international law to use such weaponry in no war zones.


Wherever general Musharraf carries out such illegal operations he bars Pakistani and international media access to such areas. He does not want the world should know the truth.


US has not only allowed journalists to work closely with US forces in all war zones, US forces embed journalists along with them so that they could report the world the details of the operations. Probably they allow media because they carry out military operations in war zones whereas, general Musharraf carries out such operations in no war zones.


Saddam Hussain, former Iraqi dictator, is under trial for using such weapons against Kurds in no war zones


General Musharraf is not going to be in office for ever. One day, like every other dictator, he will be out of office. Therefore, it is in his own interest to learn from Saddam Hussain’s fait and try to work within legal means.


In Bajaur type situations, the right thing to do is to arrest, try and jail such people. It is a crime to use gunship helicopters and precision weapons in no war zones where innocent civilians also get killed along with alleged targets.







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