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General Musharraf Should Resign In The Interest of Pakistan


Constant military involvement in the political affairs of the country is eventually taking its toll on the political culture of Pakistan.


Due to frustration caused by general Musharraf’s illegal, unethical, unconventional methods to maintain hold on state power, many political and apolitical groups are looking into unconstitutional means to over throw him through any possible means.


Although Pakistan is a little better than many countries which have seen lot of bloodshed during the course of political changes, but Pakistan did have its due share. First Prime Minister, Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan was murdered in office. Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was removed from office unceremoniously and hanged through fake judicial process by the armed forces of Pakistan. General Zia was murdered and cut into one thousand and one pieces as President of Pakistan.


Now, general Musharraf is in power for the last 7 years. He does not hide his intentions to continue as President indefinitely or as long as circumstances permit him. It is a sick behavior.


This behavior leads country into unfortunate situations where either heads of states or removed from office through unceremonious ways or through violent means.


There is general discontent in the country about general Musharraf’s presidency. Several wise men have written him letters requesting him to resign as army chief and hold free, fair and fresh elections in the country and transfer power to elected representatives.


Several attempts have been made on his life, mostly by men in uniform. As recently as last month, rockets were found close to his residence. The people arrested for planting those rockets included men in uniform. Although interior minister denied disclosing the detainees’ official positions, but it was learned through private sources that 3 out 8 detainees were military personnel. One of them was a son of a retired brigadier.


General Musharraf takes these things as a routine matter and considers such events as part of power game, but from national point of view, these are disturbing developments which are direct result of general Musharraf’s adamant behavior and intentions to cling to power indefinitely.


It will not serve Pakistan’s interests well if general Musharraf is removed from office through violent means in which he is also murdered.


Pakistan needs to abide by clear-cut constitutional means and methods of transfer of power.


General Musharraf can establish this tradition by declaring his intentions in categorical terms to hold free, fair and fresh elections and to transfer power to elected representatives of people of Pakistan.





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