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Sharpening Political Divides Among Military Leadership

Civilian thinkers, writers, columnists, newspaper editors and politicians have been warning Pakistan’s military leadership throughout since Pakistani generals started poking their noses in Pakistan’s political affairs that their involvement in politics will eventually start dividing military leadership along political lines and destroy the inner fabric of armed forces of Pakistan.  


It is so, because if military’s beast has its nature, politics’ beast also has its own nature. Military needs unity of command, as general Musharraf used to say in his early days in Pakistani politics, whereas, politics deals with social, cultural and political contradictions. It brings closer the like mind forces together and provides enough of space for opponent forces to breathe and survive.


Pakistan endured the result of Pakistani generals’ involvement in the political affairs of the country. An army broken with inner fabric could not defend Pakistan and also it could not save itself from an outside enemy.


Once again, general Musharraf has created those divisions among the rank and file of the armed forces of Pakistan. The news of sharp political, ethnic and ideological divisions among military leadership is pouring out and Pakistan’s external enemies are paying close attention to those news.


If general Musharraf remained in charge of Armed forces of Pakistan any longer, the danger is military will collapse because of its internal contradictions.


It is easy to boast, like general Musharraf does quite often, that army is one and it is hundred percent with me or behind me. General knows it well and Pakistan’s military leadership also knows it that there are sharp division among military’s rank and file and these divisions are getting sharper under general Musharraf.


What is happening inside Pakistan army is the natural result of the actions of few politically motivated generals.


Any military under civil authority can live and perform its functions even under political leadership’s biased decisions about military matters. Some people in uniform may get disgruntled or show dismay over civil authority’s biased decisions, but they handle those decisions considering civilian authority an impartial arbitrator.


When a general takes over political power and he takes decisions which are not according to the rules and regulations of the armed forces institution, he reflexes strong ripples throughout the institution.


That is what it happened under Ayub and Yahya Khan and Pakistan and armed forces of Pakistan suffered great losses.


That is what it is happening again under General Musharraf. Since Musharraf is the worst of all his predecessors who illegally took over Pakistan, he is generating equally worst controversies within armed forces of Pakistan.


Better armed forces of Pakistan force general Musharraf to relinquish power and save itself as an institution or get ready to  face dire consequences of generals Musharraf’s stupid actions.





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