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Pakistan Armed Forces Should Arrest General Musharraf


No one has caused that much harm to Pakistan as much general Musharraf has caused it. He is irresponsible, self-centered, tunnel vision, thankless person who cannot see beyond his nose. He has always preferred personal interest over interest of Pakistan.


Latest example is his irresponsible statement about charging former Deputy Secretary of State Mr. Richard Armitage about bombing Pakistan back to stone-age after 9/11. Mr. Armitage categorically denied that he made or conveyed any such remarks to general Musharraf.


General Musharraf made these irresponsible remarks only to make millions of dollars out of his book sale at the cost of Pakistan.


Does this man deserve to be the commander in chief of the armed forces of Pakistan or President of Pakistan?


Certainly not. He has been a problem child, problem soldier, problem subordinate, problem commander in chief and problem (illegitimate) President of Pakistan.


He has given enough of bad name to armed forces of Pakistan. He is an individual and armed forces of Pakistan are definitely not responsible for his acts. However, since October 12, 1999, all the actions he has taken for his personal interests have been discredited armed forces of Pakistan.


There have been so many good commanders in chiefs who had the opportunity to break the law and illegally take over the country, but they showed professionalism and did not break the law. Fresh examples are generals Aslam Beg and Jehangir Karamat. Civilian institutions were in very vulnerable position both in General Aslam Beg and General Jehangir Karamat’s times, but they tried to subside their personal interest in the larger interest of Pakistan, but general Musharraf preferred personal interest over the interest of the country and illegally took over the reigns of the government.


He has already laid the foundation of division of Pakistan into 3 pieces. Aside from the American think tank’s map, general Musharraf has practically brought Pakistan to the brink where it can break into Balochistan, Waziristan and the remainder of Pakistan.


General Musharraf is the citizen of Pakistan. His status is best described by the constitution of Pakistan.


Under the article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan, general Musharraf committed the crime of high treason. Being a powerful man, because of the shield of his power, he is a fugitive who is wanted under the charges of high treason.


Therefore, it is the responsibility of the armed forces of Pakistan to arrest general Musharraf and try him under article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan.


General Musharraf’s arrest will rehabilitate and restore the respect of the armed forces of Pakistan in the minds and hearts of common Pakistanis. They will uphold the rule of law and create an example for future adventurers like general Musharraf.


It is matter of survival for Pakistan to stop people like general Musharraf from violation of the laws of the country.


General Musharraf’s presence at the national scene is not only defaming armed forces of Pakistan, he is practically undermining rule of law






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