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Has General Musharraf Laid Foundation of Talibanistan Within Pakistan


Many people wonder what happened in Waziristan. General Musharraf who has a steel pipe in his neck and who openly threatened Nawab Akbar Bugti to kill him and eventually implemented his threat and killed Bugti in Balochistan why surrendered in Waziristan? Here is it what really happened in Waziristan.


In order to understand the steel necked general Musharraf’s humiliating surrender in Waziristan, we have to clearly understand Pakistan’s military establishment’s problem with its decision making process.


The problem with Pakistan’s military establishment is it does not take decisions in the interest of Pakistan. It back and forth shifts its positions in order to keep itself aligned with international establishment, it takes decisions according to the interests of international establishment.


When international establishment needs Mujahideen to fight Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, Pakistani generals happily go along with and create a large regiment of Mujahideen based on local and Middle Eastern Jihadis. When international establishment needs Taliban to protect its interests in former Soviet states, Pakistani generals happily create, train and implant Taliban in Afghanistan.


When interests of international establishment change, and it requests Pakistani generals to shoot Mujahideen and Taliban, Pakistani generals happily start shooting Mujahideen and Taliban in and around Pakistan.


Taliban are becoming a serious problem for international establishment in Afghanistan. Since the arrival of American and Nato forces, Taliban have quadrupled their guerrilla war activities in Afghanistan. They are not only getting stronger by the day, they are learning new methods such as suicidal attacks from Iraqi insurgents and applying them in Afghanistan against Nato and American forces.


Americans tried to negotiate power sharing with Taliban in Afghanistan. Hamad Karzai offered Taliban to disarm and join his government, but Taliban showed no interest in sharing power with Hamad Karzai in Kabul. They are looking at a larger picture and hoping to return to Kabul and re-establish their government. With unlimited supply of free fighting force, they don’t need a regular guerrilla force to continue their armed struggle against Nato, and American forces. Ordinary Afghans switch back and forth their role as guerilla and as civilian after carrying out attacks against international forces.


While Taliban in Afghanistan are building pressure on international forces, their cousins gave bloody nose to Pakistan Armed forces in Southern and Northern Waziristan. They mounted so much pressure on international forces and gave bloody nose to Pakistan Armed forces in Waziristan to the extent, the international establishment and Pakistan Armed forces decided to give territory to Taliban.


Again, general Musharraf and Pakistan’s military leadership offered their services and provided Southern and Northern Waziristan to Taliban to let them establish their writ in those areas.


General Musharraf has laid the foundation of Talibistan within Pakistan by giving territorial control to Taliban in Waziristan.


Pakistan army with the history of surrendering Pakistani territory, one wonders what else general Musharraf is going to surrender and to whom just in order to stay in power. Of course, the decision is not in general Musharraf’s hands it is international establishment which will decide which part of Pakistan is surrendered next and to whom?  





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