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Creation, Promotion and Perpetuation of Culture of Illegitimacy


When an army chief illegally takes over a country he violates rules of his own organization, commits crime against his country, his nation and his people. Pakistan is one of the unique countries which have endured this phenomenon for well over 50 years. With fourth such illegal ruler in full control of reins of state, there is no end in sight to despicable phenomenon.


Why are we writing about this issue after  eight years of general Musharraf’s illegal take over?


What happened in 1971 in East Pakistan and what happened in Balochistan two weeks ago has forced us to revisit the question of illegitimacy of general Musharraf’s despotic regime. In 1971, Pakistan was under control of another illegitimate ruler who took over Pakistan breaking the law and without the consent of the people of Pakistan. Consequently Pakistan broke.


Much before military operation started in Balochistan we wrote general Musharraf was worse than Yahya Khan. Now, someone has called him Yahya Khan-2. We are glad the people who supported Musharraf for one reason or the other are now calling him Yahya Khan-2. Eventually, they have learned to understand the essence of the man they admired few years ago without much credence. The problem was not with the man, general Musharraf, the problem was with those who chose to keep their eyes closed towards  the reality that general Musharraf represented.


The fact of the matter is Pakistani society has fully trapped and locked in a culture of illegitimacy. This culture of illegitimacy has blindfolded those who illegally take over the country, those who promote them and those who perpetuate them.


Creation of culture of illegitimacy is their necessity who illegally take over the country. Like the saying goes, one has to tell hundred lies in order to cover his one lie. Similarly, a criminal has to commit hundred other crimes in order to cover his one crime. Those who illegally take over the country they have to do one hundred and one things in order to cover their one criminal act of illegally taking over the country.


After illegally taking over the country when they call Sharifuddin Pirzada in the middle of night they start creating the culture of Illegitimacy. When Sharifuddin Pirzada agrees to go to court and the court agrees to accommodate his plea, Sharifuddin Pirzada and the court start promoting and perpetuating culture of illegitimacy.


Then, many more actors emerge on the national stage and start playing their role to create, promote and perpetuate the culture of illegitimacy. During this vicious cycle, they create many more mini-cycles of creation, promotion and perpetuation of culture of illegitimacy. Some creators, promoters and perpetuators of this vicious cycle directly befit from this culture of illegitimacy, some indirectly, and yet some others join the band wagon just in hope to benefit from it at some point in time.


When a country breaks down because of perpetuation of this culture of illegitimacy, or tragedies like Akbar Bugti’s murder or the murder of thousands of other Bengalis and Balochis take place, these creators, promoters and perpetuators of culture of illegitimacy exactly know how to hide, where to hide, how to say and what to say and which face to put on and appear on national TV.


Pakistan has become a filthy pond which is full of dirty creatures like Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq, Musharraf, Pirzada, Anwar ul Haq, Irshad Hasan, Shaukat Aziz, Waseem Sajjad, Chaudharies of Gujrat, Mullahs of MMA, so-called anti military MQM,  Sher Afghan Niazi, Shaikh Rashid, Mohammad Ali Durrani, Tariq Azeem, Shaukat Sultan, Wasi Zaffar, Mir Khalil Ur Rehman, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Hasan Askari, Khalid Ahmed, Najm Sethi and many more. 


They all have at some point created, promoted or perpetuated culture of illegitimacy and made Pakistan’s filthy pond even filthier.


Some of them are still creating, promoting and perpetuating this culture of illegitimacy.


With this pervasive culture of illegitimacy, how can there be any hope for Pakistan?






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