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Violence and More Violence


When and how this violence against unrelated, innocent and common people will stop, no one knows. There is a rein of terror from east to west and north to south in a city after city and country after country.


Somewhere this violence is being committed in the name of religion, somewhere in the name of nationalism and somewhere in the name of fighting terrorism. In the end, itís the common man who is paying for this violence with his blood and life.


A few months back, people were killed in Karachi in a bomb explosion. Last week, hundreds innocent people were killed in Mumbai, India while many more were injured. No one knows who did it and why? Of course, India blames Pakistan.  


Iraq is simmering with Shia-Sunni violence. Palestine is boiling with Israeli-Palestine violence. And Israel is pounding Lebanon for the last week or so to recover two kidnapped soldiers.


What is wrong with human beings? Why are they killing each other so brutally and senselessly?


Unfortunately, the world doesnít have any more great leaders, philosophers and teachers who enjoy the trust of people across the globe.


Great leaders, philosophers and teachers earn respect of people across cultural, ethnic, religious and geographical boundaries. Their words heal peoplesí wounds and pacify their pains with love and sincerity. And they do it without ethnic, cultural or linguistic distinctions. People find peace in their words.


The sad part of this ever growing violence is that world is divided between extremists of one kind or the other. Everyone has his own extremists, but instead of controlling his extremists, he likes to destroy othersí extremists.


Today scholarship level has fallen to the level of instigation of clash of civilizations. A few talk about the dialogue between the civilizations, even fewer dare to arrange such dialogues.


The other day Russian President, Vladimir Putin warned about the activists who are trying to fan rift between Muslims and Christians. President Putin did not talk about rift between Muslims and Jews and rift between Hindus and Muslims.


President Vladimir Putinís words are encouraging. At least one among many present day world leaders has spoken some words of wisdom. However, the growth of different kinds of violence against common human beings has reached to such heights, it seems almost impossible to reverse it.


May be President Vladimir Putin wants to take an initiative and hold an international conference on violence? Or he may move United Nations on this issue where world leaders can talk to each other and come up with some steps to arrest this trend.


Immediate issue is war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel is bombing Lebanon indiscriminately without knowing whether its bombs are hitting Hezbollah or someone else?  


Is someone out there who can stop this violence? Is someone out there with real leadership stature, or all world leaders are pigmies who cannot even make impact in their own lives?


Can someone stop this nonsense?




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