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Wardi, Politics and Desire to Serve the People

Last week, general Musharraf made two self contradictory, self belying and absurd statements.


In one of his statements, he claimed he is not interested in politics and he only wants to serve the people.


In his second statement, he remarked he will bid farewell to people if they donít support his candidates.


If general has made these statements, we also have the right to test the validity of these statements.


Since both statements are self contradictory, therefore, their validity is suspiciousósuspicious like general Musharrafís actions, stories about illegally taking over Pakistan, and generalís other claims about state of state affairs.


In first statement, general says he is not interested in politics and he only wants to serve the people.


One should ask the general if he is not interested in politics what is he doing for the last seven years? He is playing politics for the last seven years with Pakistan, with the people of Pakistan, with Pakistanís political, judicial and administrative institutions, and with Pakistanís political parties. He is also playing politics with India and the rest of the world and he says he is not interested in politics. He has ruled Pakistan like one and the only for the last seven years and he says he is not interested in politics.


Wow! What simplicity? We hope the other 345 Pakistani generals donít have interest in politics like general Musharraf.


In second part of statement, general says he only wants to serve people.


Well, well, well. There is a right way to serve people and wrong way to serve people; legal way to serve people and illegal way to serve people; righteous way to serve people and criminal way to serve people.


The people who serve people the way they opt to serve and then get proper education and training and then follow the procedures of the trade to serve them they serve them the right way, the legal way and the righteous way.


If the general had serve people as a brave, nationalist and professional general, the people would have admired and benefited from his services. Since he broke his oath and he illegally took over Pakistan, his desire to serve the people is wrong, illegal and criminal.


Here is it why? What happens if many other generals, brigadiers and colonels want to serve the people the way general is serving them?


What should they do? What should they do with general to replace him and fulfill their desire to serve the people? How should they dispose off general and fulfill their desire?


Also, politics is a profession like army. What should those politicians do who have the legitimate right to serve the people and the country? General is holding their space. How should they force the general to vacate their space so that they can serve their country and their people? 


A lot more can be said on this issue, but we would only request to general Musharraf that he should desist his desires and respectfully resign. He has already ruled Pakistan long enough by many standards. Therefore, he should let the right legal political process take place in Pakistan. If he does so he will do the greatest service to the people of Pakistan.




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