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Celebrating September 11?

It is cold hearted and despicable idea to celebrate September 11. Yet some fanatics want to go ahead with it. They have launched an organization in Great Britain with the name of Islamic Council of Britain.

Not only they want to celebrate September 11 they also aim to implement Sharia law in Britain. They want to welcome Al Qaeda sympathizers as members of the organization.

According to the telegraph, “the conference, which will be attended by the most radical mullahs in Britain, will argue that the atrocities were justified because Muslims must defend themselves against armed aggression.”

It is pathetic that Muslims living in Great Britain think along these lines. They should be rather thankful to the British government for letting them live in their country without fear of persecution.

Muslim governments, across the globe, are the most repressive in nature. Most of them are kingships without any voting rights for their people. Their subjects cannot even think otherwise. They have to live without any rights. If they challenge their governments, they go to loony bins.

Others are repressive military dictatorships with ruthless administrative staff that is willing to shed blood without worrying about legal procedures. Muslims who feared persecutions in their own countries they enjoyed their lives in western countries without any fear. They lived and build their lives with equal rights along with the natural citizens of those countries.

There are so many fugitive Saudis living in London who could have been killed if they were in Saudi Arabia. It is true about quite a few Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and nationals of other Muslim countries. Many of them are living for economic reasons but so many are there because they fear persecution in their own countries for political reasons.

They should not take advantage of freedom provided by British system and celebrate a day like September 11 when few criminals not only committed a heinous crime they also gave a bad name to Islam and Muslims on the whole. They should rather stand with their British compatriots and try to maintain peace in their adopted homeland.

Think what would have happened if France had not provided refuge to Imam Khomeini. He would have killed by the forces of Shah of Iran right in Qum. Shah or Shah’s son still would have been in power in Iran. Iranians would have been going through the same persecution till today. Imam Khomeini’s stay in France provided him the opportunity to bring revolution in Iran and empower Iranians.

Those who are launching Islamic Council of Britain in London

Those who are launching Islamic Council of Britain cannot form any such council in Saudi Arabia. If Sheikh Mohammad tries to setup such council in Saudi Arabia he will be thrown in jail and get killed without legal proceedings. Saudis won’t even bother to kill him with a lethal injection; they would simply chop of his head with a sword in a public gathering near Ka’aba.

In Great Britain, not only he has launched Islamic Council of Britain he also intends to celebrate September 11. On the top, he wants to welcome Al Qaeda sympathizers. He is aiming at implementing Sharia law in Britain. Does it make any sense?

But of course, confused mullahs cannot do deeper analysis. They want to cut the very branch where they have set their own nest.

Western countries are blessings for political activists

Western countries and United States are blessing for political activists of third world countries. Where they can build their lives and continue their activism against their repressive regimes.

They should not target western governments for their grievances against their own governments. Governments work with governments regardless of their nature and legitimacy. They have cold and warm relations depending on their mutual interests but overall governments remain impartial in each other’s internal affairs. Mostly decisions are taken internally.

Events like celebration of September 11 can back fire against Muslims living in Britain. It will create bad blood among Muslims and their British compatriots and British government. Western systems allow space to its citizens for disagreement with their government policies.

Muslims may not like British government’s policies toward Muslim countries. They can register their disagreement and protest with the government but taking up against British government by aiming at implementation of Sharia in Britain is a bad strategy. It is almost treason.

Muslims should take up against their repressive regimes

The best thing for Muslims, instead of showing anger against western governments, is to take up against their own repressive regimes and replace them with democratic governments. They should use their experience in western societies to improve their countries of origin. They should help their people back home to understand the blessings of democratic setups and help them replace their systems with democracies where everyone’s rights are protected. Where people can grow according to their god given potentials to the maximum extent and become useful citizens for their societies.



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