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Is General Musharraf A Man Eater?


In childhood we read the mythical stories of a king who became fond of eating human beings. Men disappeared in his kingdom one after the other. Later, citizen of the kingdom found out how king was kidnapping men and killing and eating them. What they did to the king is part of story books.


We editorialized the issue of missing men in Pakistan on June 26th under the heading of “Criminalization of Pakistan Army.”  We discussed this issue in the light of murdered journalist Hayyatullah Dawar.


Later, BBC first conducted a seminar in Pakistan and then carried a story on its website about missing Pakistanis. BBC practically elaborated the history of missing Pakistanis from the beginning.


Various Pakistani governments have been victimizing political opponents, but general Musharraf’s government has given this process new dimensions. Before, people were kidnapped, tortured and released after teaching them lesson, but now, in general Musharraf’s regime, people disappear without a trace. In certain cases like Hayyatullah Dawar, their families find their dead bodies, but in most cases even their dead bodies are not found.


High profile politicians like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are sent to gallows, or like Javed Hashmi and Yousaf Raza Gillani are sent to prison without any justification, or like Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif are sent on exile.


Low profile journalists and political activists simply disappear without trace. No one knows their whereabouts. Police not only shows ignorance about their disappearance they also refuse to cut FIR.


Recently, ISI officials picked up a retired Brigadier’s grandson and his daughter-in-law in Islamabad. The poor retired brigadier tried to get help from police, but police refused to extend any help to brigadier and showed inability to cut FIR. The police was worried about their own safety.


Today, Asma Jehangir, Chairman, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has issued a press release about missing Sindhi journalist. She fears the journalist has been killed like Hayyatullah Dawar.


A Pakistani American political activist, Dr. Safdar Sarki, went to Pakistan early this year. He disappeared in February without trace. His wife and children are knocking at US officials’ doors to intervene and save his life.


Where are all these disappeared Pakistanis?  


Like the mythical king, has general Musharraf become a man eater.


The disappearance of journalists and political activists shows general’s taste. Media is free in Pakistan, but reporters are not. They are paying with their lives to maintain this freedom.


How many more journalists and political activists will disappear before the people will know the real face of their man eater king?




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