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Democracy In Pakistan Is Indeed An International Matter

 During her recent surprise stopover in Pakistan US Secretary of State Condi Rice remarked she expected general Musharraf will fulfill his promise to hold free and fair elections next year.

First, Foreign Office spokesperson angrily reacted to US State Secretaryís remarks and said, ďOn the democratic processes in Pakistan, we do not require advice from outside as these matters essentially concern the people of Pakistan,Ē Then, general Musharraf himself reiterated same position and said democracy was flourishing in Pakistan according to its conditions.


Democracy in Pakistan is not necessarily Pakistanís internal matter. If regional and international forces are concerned about the state of democracy in Pakistan, their concerns are genuine and real and need serious attention.


Pakistan is a country of one hundred and sixty million people. One hundred and sixty million people are a lot of people. Keeping them deprived of all of their social, cultural, political and economic rights for sixty years is a serious matter.


The consequences of this deprivation are imminently visible within Pakistan and around the globe.


Today, Pakistan is an instable country. It is a failed state. It has gone through the process of dismemberment before, and once again, identical scenarios are present in the country. Two major territories are under military operation. One hundred and sixty million people are forced to live a life of despair and alienation while unrepresentative actors are dancing on the national scene.


This drama is not new. This drama is going on in Pakistan for the last sixty years. Sixty years is a long period in any peoplesí history. Still there is no end in sight. The non representative actors want to continue their satanic play indefinitely. This drama did not give any thing to the people of Pakistan. All it gave to the people is 1965, 1971 wars, fractured state of Pakistan, insurmountable miseries, poverty, hunger, despair, economic deprivation, lawlessness, rampant crime and mafia culture.


If Pakistanis ended up with listed above gifts because of absence of democracy in Pakistan, the region and international world got drugs, violence, human trafficking, unwanted immigrants, 9/11, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraq.


All these issues are related to the issue of democracy in Pakistan. A deeper analysis relates all these issues to military dictatorships in Pakistan. If Pakistan were a democratic country, the world would not have faced all these issues.


Therefore, when a general comes on Pakistan tv with a satanic smile on his face and says Pakistanís democracy is an internal matter, he lies. He does not want to tell the truth to his people and people of the world at large.


A peaceful, stable and modern Pakistan is a key to regional and internal peace and stability. And Pakistanís peace and stability is associated with democracy, and free and fair elections.  


Therefore, democracy is not Pakistanís internal matter it is as well an international matter. Regional and international forcesí concerns about Pakistanís democracy are genuine and real and need serious attention.





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