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If General Musharraf Wants To Learn....!


One man, no matter how intelligent, how smart, how alert he is, there are chances, many things will go wrong under his nose or on his watch.


At least that is what findings of Supreme Court tell us about privatization process in Pakistan.


First, to begin with, a government should not be in manufacturing business. Only private sector should play leading role in establishing small, medium and large size manufacturing units, which create jobs for people and tax money for government and keep the economy on the move.


Since private sector is too weak in many third world countries, governments do divert funds or acquire loans from foreign financial institutions and build mega projects to keep up the pace of development with the rest of the world. Pakistan is no exception. Government of Pakistan also adopted the same policy and heavily invested in many sectors either through its own sources or by acquiring loans from foreign investors to strengthen Pakistan’s economy.


However, with the change of economic outlook, government of Pakistan also started privatization process in early 1990s which still continues under genera Musharraf’s regime.


Within six and half years, government of Pakistan has privatized 57 various industrial units. Some of them were bought by Pakistani investors while many more were sold to foreign investors. Voices of concern were raised from many quarters at the sale of many industrial units, but serious effort was done when Privatization Commission tried to sell Pakistan Steel Mill on cheap-dirt price.


Supreme Court took notice of this deal and issued notices to relevant authorities and scrutinized the details of the deal.


Supreme Court found many gray, shady and black areas in the deal for which government authorities could not provide satisfactory explanation to the court. Consequently, the court suspended the deal and ordered government to activate Council of Common Interests and let it review privatization deals before finalization.


Privatization Commission was giving away a national asset for pitons. Even general won’t like to give away in such fashion any of his plots which he acquired, being an army officer, as a special privilege.


If general Musharraf is an honest man, if he has any conscience left in him, he needs to mull over Pakistan Steel Mill’s episode. That is exactly what happens when one man takes over the country and closes all legal and proper channels for normal flow of things.  


Steel Mill case is just one episode of serial drama which general Musharraf is running for the last six and half years. There are many more dreadful episodes which will be unearthed after general leaves the office. Even, general will ashamed that it all happened on his watch.


If general wants to learn anything from this steel mill episode, it is, one man, no matter how intelligent, how smart, how clever and how alert he is, there are chances, many things will go wrong under his nose or on his watch.


Therefore, general must return power back to the people of Pakistan and let the life take its normal course in the country.




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