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Criminalization of Pakistan Army

K. Ashraf


Hayatullah Dawar’s murder on the hands of ISI is neither first nor last despicable incident. It simply tells that Pakistan Army has turned into a criminal institution and people of Pakistan have to deal with this institution as any responsible nation should deal with criminal individuals or institutions.


The process of criminalization of Pakistan army started in 1954 when General Ayub Khan started blackmailing civilian administration. He reinforced this process in 1958 by taking over Pakistan.


This process of criminalization of Pakistan Army continued during generals Yahya Khan and Zia ul Haq’s periods. Agencies directly controlled by armed forces of Pakistan sometimes secretly and sometimes openly kidnapped, jailed, brutalized and killed civilian Pakistanis who challenged them.


In general Musharraf’s period, this process of criminalization of Pakistan army has reached to new heights.


People are being picked up from their homes during the middle of night, taken to unknown places and killed brutally without trace. Their relatives go from one police station to the other and from one court to the other, but they cannot find out the whereabouts of their loved ones.


Such happenings should be eye opener for all those forces who support general Musharraf or military rule. Such forces are not limited to politicians; judges and journalists, there are many civilian Pakistanis who knowingly or unknowingly support general Musharraf or Pakistan army.


The fact of the matter is generals Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan and Zia ul Haq were criminals who committed crimes against the people and state of Pakistan. So is general Musharraf. There is no difference between one general and the other. Pakistan army as an institution has been fully criminalized.


Beating a police hawaldar in Lahore, raping a doctor in Balochistan, killing land tillers in Okara, cutting underhand land deals throughout Pakistan, facilitating drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Iran and other parts of the world and training infiltrators and exporting them to different countries to commit terrorist activities are routine crimes committed by the higher and lower echelons of  Pakistan army.


When one general breaks the law at national level and illegally takes over the country, then other crimes become petty matters for him. Then, he doesn’t mind killing one journalist or few hundred civilians in Gilgit or few thousands of innocent civilians in Balochistan or Waziristan.


First, it is the responsibility of professional and honest leaders of Pakistan army to stop the process of criminalization in their institution. It is in their benefit to decriminalize this institution. The foremost thing to decriminalize army is to pull out of politics and civil areas of Pakistani society.


It is also about time, the civil segments of Pakistan society stop supporting criminal generals and their illegal control over the state of Pakistan.


We also want to remind to media people that they should stop using dubious or soft phrases like ‘Agencies’ or ‘Establishment’ in lieu of criminal generals who have become a big crime mafia. It is media’s responsibility to show the true faces of criminals in uniform to the people of Pakistan and help them to “locate the criminals and terminate the criminals” otherwise this mafia in uniform will destroy the state.


We would also like to request to foreign forces that connive with outlaw Pakistani generals to perpetuate their criminal set-up in Pakistan. One 9/11 should have been enough to teach us the lesson that policies of creating, supporting and conniving with criminals sometimes can come back and hurt us too.


Today one Hayatullah was brutally murdered tomorrow many other Hayatullahs may be killed by them.


It is important to decriminalize Pakistan army before it destroys everything including state of Pakistan.




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