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Smart Thieves of Islamabad


 By K. Ashraf


General Musharraf’s political thieves are smart, slick and master con artists. They have taken the art of robbing people and looking cool at the same time to sublimity. No other past ruling clique can match them in their artistry. It will be cruel not to acknowledge their skill to make bad things look good and turn ugly into beautiful with their slick arguments.


And the interesting thing is they howl on one theme at a time like a pack of wolves


Be it the issue of general Musharraf’s wardi, term of parliament, general’s reelection through the existing parliament, rising prices, sugar crisis, peoples’ problems, or opposition’s criticism, they howl in such unison notes, a listener almost feels like crying. And, they move back and forth on their themes with such re-accruing pauses, the issues become alive or die at their will.  


Sometime ago, they were talking about general Musharraf’s re-election through the existing parliament.


“General will do everything according to the law and constitution of Pakistan.”  One of them howled.


“There is nothing in the constitution that stops the general from getting reelected from the existing parliament.” The other responded.


One cannot resist asking these sons of guns: did general take over Pakistan according to the law and constitution on October 12, 1999?


Then the theme changed.


They start howling about price hikes. One says, “Whenever there is development prices rise.” The other howls in response, “Prices are rising in India too.”


The third one tunes in: “30 million mobile phones, 900 thousands motor cycles…. There is tremendous development. We have broken the begging bowl.”


Now a day theme is opposition’s criticism: “We welcome opposition’s criticism, but it should be constructive criticism, opposition criticizes us for the sake of criticism.”


Another pack member howls from another channel: “We have created 38 national and international channels. Anyone can say anything.”


While they howl about all these themes, the people of Pakistan are becoming more desperate, helpless and frustrated. They are desperate because life has become miserable for them. They feel helpless because they can do nothing about their collective miseries. They are frustrated because general has imposed him upon them and he is not letting things go. He has become a block between the people of Pakistan and political change.


Even he has hijacked the electoral process. The people go out and vote, but nothing changes. Nothing changes because common denominator, the block, general Musharraf is always there.


Now, general Musharraf’s wolves are howling about his next term in the office.


If general is going to be there anyway, why all this drama; why references to constitution, why the debate about power of present assemblies or future assemblies?


Why general doesn’t declare him president in uniform for life? At least the nation won’t have to go through the frenzy of meaningless electoral process which is not mended for any political change in the country.  



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