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Election Commission Should Adopt ‘Charter of Democracy’ As a Basic Document


 Since two former prime ministers, Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif, showed intentions to ink ‘Charter of Democracy’ different political forces are trying to appreciate, criticize, credit or discredit it.


On May 10th, government’s new minister for information, apparently slick but shallow in substance, held a press conference to tell the Pakistani media that government was not afraid of Charter of Democracy. And then, like a broken record, he went on talking about former prime ministers’ past differences and corruption stories.


Someone in the media should have asked this political chick Mr. Mohammad Ali Durrani that if government was not afraid of ‘Charter of Democracy’ why the hell he was holding press conference? Why he was talking about former prime ministers’ mutual past difference? Why he was repeating their corruption stories?


We are not here to tell general Musharraf that this political chick, Mohammad Ali Durrani, will prove the last nail in his coffin, nor are we here to defend former prime ministers’ past differences or mistakes.


However, we think ‘Charter of Democracy’ is a good idea and it is a good document which can help Pakistan over come its perilous political anomalies.


What we recommend is that Election Commission should adopt ‘Charter of Democracy’ as a fundamental document, mandatory to be signed  be everyone who wants to contest election and enter in any upper or lower house of the parliament. Election Commission should also add penalties for those who violate the terms and conditions of ‘Charter of Democracy’ even after getting elected.


Both former prime ministers deserve our appreciation and congratulations for signing this ‘Charter of Democracy’. It was need of the time. Pakistani politics needed this ‘Charter of Democracy’ more than former prime ministers.


Former Prime Minister did a good job on May 28th in 1998. His decision taken on May 28th 1998 saved Pakistan from many naked aggressions even after he left his office. Now, both former prime ministers have done another landmark job by signing ‘Charter of Democracy’, which is going to go a long way in the history of Pakistan.


If Pakistan Election Commission does not adopt ‘Charter of Democracy’ as a basic document, both former prime ministers and their parties should make this ‘Charter of Democracy’ a symbol to make a line of demarcation between pro democracy and anti democracy forces. They should invite all political actors in Pakistan to sign this ‘Charter of Democracy’ to show their allegiance with democracy. Anyone, who signs it should be honored and supported by the people of Pakistan and anyone who refuses to sign it should be thrown in the dust bin of history for ever.  



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