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The Curse of Military Rule In Pakistan

Pakistan is a possessed country. The possessors are Pakistani generals. Like every other ugly ghost they have almost entangled every other aspect of Pakistani life. Politics aside, they have ruined economy, bureaucracy, judiciary, education, religion, culture, literature and Pakistan itself.


Thanks to these ugly ghosts, Pakistan is not the same that Quaid-e-Azam created.


Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a leader par excellence. He was the best attorney in whole British Empire according to his biographer Stanley Walport. But he was much more than the best attorney. He was a great human being and a better leader than many of the great leaders of his time and before.The Muslims of sub-continent chose a right title for him---Quaid-e-Azam.


Pakistan was a great country in every respect. Regardless of numerous problems it started its journey right. Throughout 50s Pakistan kept its growth rate hire than many contemporary Asian countries including China and Japan.


It was not till the first ugly ghost General Ayub Khan possessed it. Then everything changed. He was first criminal, illegal ruler of Pakistan. Then came General Yahya and General Zia and now it is General Musharraf.


“I MUSHT SHTAY IN POWER” he tells the possessed nation every other month. “TRUSHT ME” he puffs out the venom.


“Why should we trust you? Who are you? You violated the constitution of Pakistan. You are another dragon who wants to alter the constitution like your predecessor General Zia. You illegally took over the country and illegally became the President of Pakistan. Why the nation should trust you.”


We Pakistanis think. But what can we do? The ghost is all too powerful. He has one million equipped uniformed men behind him. How can we fight with him? How can we get back our national rights to vote in and vote out our rulers? He has his boots on our necks.


Poor Nasarullah Khan wants to challenge him. He wants him to behave according to the constitution of Pakistan. The General responds, “I will change the constitution of Pakistan. I will tailor it according to my ugly needs.” What power Nasarrullah Khan has. A frail old man trying to fix the key problem in Pakistan---the violation of the constitution---before his soul departs from his body. But look at the politicians who are flocking around the ugly ghost General Musharraf. Look at the dirty souls: Mian Azhars, Choudharies, and Taherul Qadaries and Imran Khans who are telling the nation KUCH DO AUR KUCH LO and then army will never come back. What KUCH LO? We Pakistanis always have been in the category of KUCH DO.


Someone should ask these stupid Asses if army is going to be there all the time then why it needs to come back? One only comes back if one goes away. If it is not going away then why does arise the question of its coming back? 


The best country in the world created by the best leader in the 20th century is in shambles. The ugly apparition is asking the nation to give him more time. Give him time for what? To damage the country to the intractable level or to suck the lost drop of blood out of the nation’s frail polity!


Pakistanis should listen it and listen it carefully. Pakistan is your country. It is your fundamental right to rule it. Only you can kick rulers in and kick them out. These ghosts have denied you this right for the last 50 years. It is about time you take charge of your lives. Don’t listen to anyone who takes over your country illegally and then tells you “HE MUSHT SHTAY IN POWER” and “YOU SHOULD GIVE ME MORE TIME.”


General Ayub, General Yahya and General Zia were illegal rulers of Pakistan and so is General Musharraf. 


Follow your great supreme leader Quaid-e-Azam. He never violated rule of law throughout his life and didn’t let anyone else violate it. He strictly believed in constitutional rule.


Any general who doesn’t do his original job, takes over country illegally, and wants to hold on to power through devious means like referendum is a violator of law. If you want to fix beloved country’s problems first deal with this general according to the constitution of Pakistan. End the curse of military rule forever and end it now.



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