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Ishaq Dar Must Reveal What He Knows About Shaukat Aziz


General Musharrafís and Shaukat Azizís rise on Pakistanís political scene and the circumstances Pakistan is going through under their command and the kind of action they have been taking in the given circumstance,  is enough to cast shadows of doubt on their loyalty and commitment to Pakistan.


While talking in P.J. Mirís Questions and Answers program on ARY, Ishaq Dar said he will not comment on Shaukat Aziz and then he said something startling without saying it. He said he was Finance Minister of Pakistan and he was never asked or allowed to visit Kahuta Labs. How come Shaukat Aziz visited Kahuta Labs as Finance Minister?


What happened in Pakistan with Dr. A.Q. Khan, with Pakistanís nuclear program, Iranís nuclear program and the shipment of used centrifuges to Vienna to IAEA head office for their inspection has been reported in national and international press. However, what has not been probed is Shaukat Azizís visit to Kahuta Labs. All other events followed Shaukat Azizís visit to Kahuta Lab, which is enough to cast doubts on Shaukat Aziz and General Musharraf who shrewdly swept everything under the rug by staging a drama around Dr. A.Q. Khan.


What is it that general Musharraf tried to hide through this drama? Why general Musharraf paved a way for Shaukat Aziz to become a Prime Minister of Pakistan? Did he get Prime Ministerís job as a service he provided to someone by visiting Kahuta Labs? What are his international connections? Is he working for any international force and does general Musharraf know his dubious foreign connections? If general Musharraf knows, is he the part of a game being played at international level to undermine Pakistanís interests?


Things are deteriorating in Pakistan very fast. General Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz are contributing in this deterioration process. Instead of helping Pakistan, they are pushing it down hill. They both have dubious connections with Altaf Hussain who openly callas creation of Pakistan a mistake. He requested Indian leadership to allow mohajirs to repatriate back to India. General Musharraf remained mum about Altaf Hussainís remarks. Regardless of Altaf Hussainís such views, general Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz not only revere Altaf Hussain they time to time consult him and they have key members of MQM as part of their cabinet.


Having said all that, we demand that Ishaq Dar must tell Pakistani nation the information he has on Shaukat Aziz in reference to his visit to Kahuta Lab and its links with the events took place afterwards.


We also request Dr. Shahid Masood and P.J. Mir of ARY to arrange further investigative programs about Shaukat Aziz. They need to bring Ishaq Dar and some other people who can review events related to Pakistanís nuclear program followed by Shaukat Aziz visit to Kahuta lab.


The nation wants to know who this man is. What is his exact agenda in Pakistan? Why he has been appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan? Why general Musharraf took an unusual way to appoint him Prime Minister? Why he visited Kahuta lab? On whose behest he visited Kahuta lab? Is there any relationship between his visit to Kahuta Lab and events those followed his visit related to Pakistanís nuclear program?


Ishaq Dar and P. J. Mir owe it to Pakistani nation. Because this reference was made by Ishaq Dar on P. J. Mirís Q&A program.





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