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ISI Must Stop Intervention in American Political System


Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Richard Boucher has hit the nail on the head by declaring in Pakistan that United States would like to see Pakistan Army under civilian control. Knowing the complications and consequences of Pakistan military’s control over Pakistan’s civil structure Pakistan Weekly has been hammering this point for the last 6 years. Eventually, United States’ government has come forward and stressed it upon general Musharraf to inverse civil-military control relationship by 2007.


Pakistan Weekly welcomes Mr. Boucher’s remarks and further demands that US government should ask general Musharraf’s government to shut down its ISI operation within United States


Here is the detail of this demand: Pakistani American organizations were actively pursuing US and Pakistani governments to build better relations between the countries. For this purpose, they actively engaged US Congressmen, their staffers and State Department and National Security Council’s officials to educate them about issues of concern between United States and Pakistan. While doing this all, they always maintained balance between the interests of Pakistan—their country of birth and interests of United States—their adopted homeland.


Knowing general Musharraf’s dubious nature, Pakistani American organizations refused to extend support to his illegitimate set-up. They stressed upon him to restore civilian rule in Pakistan and send Pakistani forces back to their barracks.


Frustrated with non cooperative behavior of Pakistani American organizations, general Musharraf moved ISI to establish its own Pakistani American organization to influence the American political system.


On general Musharraf’s behest, ISI used Pakistan Embassy as a launching pad and launched a surrogate Pakistani American organization with the name of PAL-C to intervene in the American political system and create support for general Musharraf. From the platform of PAL-C, ISI created Pakistani American Caucus in the US Congress. General Musharraf himself flew from Pakistan to inaugurate the Caucus. So far 75 Congressmen have signed the Pakistani American Caucus without knowing that they are carrying ISI’s agenda in US Congress.


Apparently PAL-C is lobbying group of Pakistani Americans who lobby in the US Congress on behalf of Pakistan, but the fact of the matter is PAL-C is ISI’s surrogate organization. The proofs of its surrogate relationship with ISI are all its official directives which have been issued by Embassy of Pakistan. Before previous DCM issued those directives under his signatures, now current DCM issues those directives under his name.


General Musharraf is a blackmailer who has blackmailed United States under the cover of 9/11 and its war against terrorism.


Innocent people being used by ISI on behalf of general Musharraf within Pakistan and in the United States for this purpose even do not know whose agenda they are pursuing and why?


We demand US government should shut down ISI’s operation within US Congress which is tempering with American political system for general Musharraf’s personal gains. 


United States government must use all its powers to pack up general Musharraf’s web of blackmail within and out of Pakistan and support true democratic forces to run the state affairs of Pakistan.


General Musharraf’s sham democracy is a serious threat to US interests in Pakistan and in that part of the world.


US must act before general Musharraf starts any new game to undermine the interests of the United States.




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