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Who Will Be Pakistan's Real Leader?


Pakistan is going through, or has been made to go through, leadership crisis for the last 58 years. Since Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, no leader emerged, or was allowed to emerge in Pakistan.


Pakistan Army made sure, the people of Pakistan do not identify themselves with any leader; because, the whole problem starts from peoplesí identification with one leader. Once they identify with a leader then they follow him and take the country to the level where they can achieve their national goals and fulfill their national aspirations.


After Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the people of Pakistan identified themselves with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. They listened to him, stood by him and followed him. Pakistan Army hanged him as it had the first opportunity to do so.


Then, people of Pakistan identified with Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. They listened to them, they stood by them and they followed them. Pakistan Army made example out of both of them. They can go anywhere in the world, but as adamant general Musharraf says, they cannot come back to Pakistan.


For the last 58 years, this hide and seek game is going on between Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan. People of Pakistan offer their love; respect and reverence to a leader and Pakistan Army make sure that leader disappears from the surface of soil or at least from Pakistan for good.


This hides and seeks between the people of Pakistan and Pakistan Army has left Pakistan almost a leaderless country.


Who benefits from this scenario?


Of course, the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Pakistan benefits from this scenario. He remains in uniform and jumps up and down like a joker in political gatherings too. He tries to copy the same political leaders who he coerces and eliminates.


Many army generals played this drama in Pakistan. Generals Ayub, Yahya and Zia played this jokerís rule in the past, general Musharraf is playing this role now. Sometimes he addresses these political gatherings in his abominable military uniform and sometimes he wears Shalwar Kames to look like a larger than life leader. In either case, he looks less like a leader and more like a joker in a circus.


Anyhow, what should Pakistani nation do to get rid of these jokers? The clear cut answer is: the people of Pakistan should find a leader and then stick with him until he cleans all the mess and make Pakistan a real countryóa country which Pakistanis should be proud of.


Who is going to be that leader?


Anyone who promises to restore 1973 constitution in its original form tries all those military rulers who violated the constitution, all those politicians who stood with those generals, all those judges who authenticated the rule of those generals, and all those so called intellectuals who provided any kind of support to those generals.


Other than that, the leader should be determined to make Pakistan an equitable country for all Pakistanis, provide the best possible and equal educational opportunities for the people of Pakistan, develop modern transportation system in the country which should facilitate peoplesí travel from anywhere in Pakistan to anywhere in Pakistan within minimum time and the most comfortable way, rebuild Pakistan with modern amenities and make Pakistan look like a developed country, and arrange all fundamental facilities of life for all the people of Pakistan.


It is the leaderís job to do all this. And, the people of Pakistan should provide him all the necessary support as a nation to fulfill these goals. They should also make sure the leader does not drift away from these objectives.


If anyone is out there with the courage and wisdom to do all this, the people of Pakistan should follow him.




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