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President Bush's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Is the Best Option


Among all the immigration reforms bills being discussed at the US Senate floor the best option is President Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, because it addresses all the issues related to national security, border security, small and medium size business that deal with illegal immigrants, 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the country and future labor needs. All other bills leave one or the other aspect of the issue out for future settlement which is not a good way to address this issue.


For example, Border Security Immigration Reform Bill focuses more on border security and doesn’t address the businesses’ present and future needs, declares illegally living in the United States felony thus turning 11.5 million illegal immigrants into criminals and businesses hiring them liable to heavy fines and facing criminal charges.


The fact of the matter is all these issues are important and must be addressed. However, each issue needs separate investigation. National Security is the most important issue however linking it to illegal immigrants is like barking up to the wrong tree, because there is no evidence that any illegal person was ever involved in any criminal acts related to national security. Thus the practice of connecting two unrelated issues in policy formation is a bad strategy which may cause more harm than good.


The issue of insecure borders is also very important. No sovereign nation should leave its borders unattended and insecure. US must take all necessary steps to make its borders safe and secure. Relevant government agencies must keep track of who is crossing US borders and with what possessions. We definitely don’t want someone should walk in our borders with undesirable materials. Any good border security bill must address all issues related to border security while keeping our borders open for those who legally want to come to the United States for education, business and employment reasons.


Constant supply of labor is another fact of American economic system. US economy every year generates millions of jobs which Americans don’t want to do. There are thousands of businesses across United States that need that kind of labor in order to operate. Farmers in all major agricultural states from California to Texas to Tennessee need farm workers to pluck the harvests. Any good immigration bill must address the issues of needs of those thousands of businesses and farmers across the United States.


Since President Bush comes from Texas and he was governor of his state before becoming the President of the country he has a better understanding of all these issues. That is why his Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill addresses all these issues. It addresses national security issues, border security issues, small businesses labor needs, farmers labor needs, concerns of11.5 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States and country’s future labor needs.


Guest workers program which has become a bone of contention for opponents of the President’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill is not something new. United States had guest workers program in 50s and 60s which served the country’s labor needs real well and provided opportunities to people across the globe who wanted to migrate and work in the United States.


Therefore, all concerned about the immigration reforms, outside the congress and inside the congress should support President Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. This is the best option in the given situation.




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