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Pakistan’s One Party Political System


We all heard about Communist Party that ruled Soviet Union since 1917 until Soviet Union crumbled in early 90s. We also heard about Bha’at Party of Iraq which ruled Iraq under Saddam Hussain unit Iraq fell.


However, we choose to ignore Pakistan’s single ruling party, Pakistan Army, which has ruled Pakistan since its inception.


Sometimes, Pakistanis in their personal discussions refer to Pakistan Army as a political party, but they hardly discuss its political implications. For example, not a single Pakistani scholar has done any serious research work about the politics of Pakistan Army as a political party.


The fact of the matter is Pakistan Army is more qualified to be treated, analyzed and understood as a political party than an army designed to defend a geographical territory called Pakistan.


Once we identify and declare Pakistan Army a political party, it would be easier for us to understand its political manifesto, political philosophy, its strategy and methods to maintain its control over the state of Pakistan and options for Pakistanis.


To identify Pakistan Army as a political party we need to answer few simple questions and those questions ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers will determine weather Pakistan Army is a political party?


Does Pakistan Army’s core as an organization discuss Pakistan’s political situation?




Does it act to influence and change the political situation?




Does it involve into day to day political activities?




Does it formulate Pakistan’s internal and external policies?




Does it engage in dialogue and agreements with foreign powers on behalf of Pakistan?




These questions and their ‘yes’ answers indicate Pakistan Army is a full-fledge political party and that is how Pakistanis should treat it.


A few more questions will reveal the nature of Pakistan Army as a political party.


Does Pakistan Army as a political army get its mandate from the people of Pakistan to rule Pakistan?




Does it go to polls and win polls to come into power?




Does it conduct its political affairs through freely elected representatives of people of Pakistan?




Several other questions can be included in this list, but these few questions answered by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are enough to determine:


1) Pakistan Army is a political party.

2) It is a single ruling party of which has evolved one party system in Pakistan.

3) It is a totalitarian party and it does not represent the people of Pakistan

3) It is a political party like Communist party of Soviet Union or Bha’at party of Iraq or Syria.


Soviet Union and Iraq have been destroyed. Syria is on the way to destruction. What is going to happen to Pakistan under this one totalitarian party system, it is up to the people of Pakistan to think and decide.





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