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Another Military Solution


Many times in the past, Pakistan paid a heavy price for military solutions of political problems.


In 1971, general Yahya Khan tried to control political turmoil in East Pakistan through use of military force. General Tikka Khan told his jawans he needed land not the people. International media gave him the title of “Butcher of Bengal” and the people who he wanted to get rid off taught an unforgetable lesson to Pak Fauj. Unfortunately, Pak Fauj forgot that lesion within few years and took over the remainder of Pakistan to continue the same practice there.


Recently general Musharraf has been making the identical statements and claims about the political turmoil in Balochistan.


Six months ago he started his operation against Balochis by saying “they won’t know what had hit them.” Now, he is saying the situation will be under control in Balochistan within one month.


If he has failed to control the situation in Balochistan within last six months how can he control it within next month?


The problem with Pakistani generals is, and general Musharraf is no exception, they either under or over estimate their challenges.


In East Pakistan, they underestimated the threat because they did not know the nature and tenacity of the threat. Eventually, threat overwhelmed them and not only they lost East Pakistan they also lost war and honor.


Once again, GHQ is underestimating the Baloch threat.


First of all, Balochis should not be treated they way they are being treated. They are living under centuries old system. No one should start bombing a particular population of people if one does not like their life style or system.


Should Balochis start bombing Karachi because the people of Karachi eat pawns, speak Urdu and revere Altaf Hussain?


Pakistan is a diverse country. It has over two hundred and fifty different communities across Pakistan who have different cultures, different values, different social systems and different perceptual positions on life.


The problem is not with Balochistan or the people of Balochistan. The problem is not even with sardars. The problem is with GHQ which time and again fails to understand the fundamental realities of human life and does not act accordingly. It is GHQ that steps on the tail of Balochis under one or the other excuse. How should Balochis react? Should they let few out law generals run their lives?


It is not only Balochistan which is simmering with discontent and restlessness the whole country has reached to a boiling point.


Instead of going out and bombing the people, GHQ should pull itself back to its primary duties and vacate the civil space it has occupied for the last 58 years.


Political problems must be solved in political manner by political forces. Military solutions to political problems only fan more turmoil and restlessness among the masses and give birth to instability and lawlessness.





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