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India-US Nuclear Agreement

Pakistan military establishment likes it or not, the nuclear agreement between India and US has landed as a dirty egg on its face.

Of course, US President, George W. Bush has tried to pacify Islamabad by making few kind remarks, but practically, by signing this agreement, he has clearly defined the direction and depth of relationship between India and United States. And this has happened on the watch of a military ruler who left no stone unturned to do American chores in his part of the world.


Where does Pakistan stand in US scheme of things?


General Musharraf’s wobbly statements are the best mirror of Pakistan’s status in US scheme of things.


“Pakistan is strategically located”….”We have all our options open”……”We also signed similar agreements with China.”


Come on general, what else?


God knows who whispered this magical sentence in the ears of Pakistani establishment that Pakistan was strategically located. How much tax Pakistan is going to extract out of its strategic location? As a matter of fact, Pakistan should make a bigger claim than saying that it is located at strategic position. It may claim it is center of the world or even center of the Universe. Who is going to challenge them? But Pakistani establishment forgets that things are happening without anyone giving damn about its strategic location. What else they want to happen in Afghanistan and in the rest of the Asia Minor to make Pakistani establishment believe that their strategic location doesn’t worth a cent?


“We have all our options open.” Someone may ask what options? This sentence sounds too good coming out of general Musharraf’s lips. Who knows better than him that his all options can be eliminated only with one phone call? Options are for the people who have “heavy mandate.”


“We signed similar agreements with China.” What is common between China and Pakistan?


First of all, why Pakistani establishment keeps Pakistanis’ imagination captivated with outside powers? United States, China, and Saudi Arabia and so on so forth. Why it doesn’t let people look back at themselves and rely on their own strengths?


China may be Pakistan’s great friend, but it is a totalitarian country like Pakistan. It doesn’t allow its people to elect their representatives freely. It does not allow plurality and dissent. It is afraid of democracy. Perhaps that is why China and Pakistan appreciate each other so much.


Pakistan’s military establishment must know, there is nothing like a free society. Freedom only comes when people are allowed to freely choose their representatives and be part of decision making process. Controlled and uniformed democracies can only create half asses—like general Musharraf who only see world in black and white.  


India and United States are two democracies. That is why United States calls India its natural ally. That is why United States signs such agreements with India.


These are 21st century realities and Pakistan’s military establishment cannot understand it with 1958 frame of mind paradigm.





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