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Imams Who Advertised The Cartoons Are The Real Culprits


Danish newspapers printed caricatures of holy prophet; they did something vicious; the imams who advertised those cartoons are the real culprits who have stirred the Islamic world with a frenzy which is equal to Fitna.


How many people in the Muslim world or the world at large read Danish newspapers? Not many. They printed the caricatures of holy prophet which were hardly glanced over by few readers who read Jyllands-Posten in September, 2005. The imams living in Denmark made copies of those cartoons and advertised them to easily inflammable Muslim groups in the Middle East and rest of the Islamic world. Consequently, Muslims around the globe went to protest frenzy and took the matters to the streets to show how violent they could become upon instigation by any Tom, Dick or Harry.


Obviously, the imams who advertised those caricatures knew what they were doing. The idea in their devilish minds was not to create awareness among Muslims about the Danish journalistsí behavior towards holy prophet or Islam, the idea was to provoke Muslims to the extent that they take this issue to the streets.


Are these Imams friends of holy prophet, or Islam or Muslims? Definitely not; they are neither friends of holy prophet nor Islam or Muslims. They were self-serving Mullahs who tried to create mountain out of mole-hill.


Their act or advertisement of caricatures of holy prophet is un-Islamic. Allah clearly prohibits advertisement of vicious things which can create turmoil in society. And that is what precisely they did. They have created turmoil in Muslim societies throughout the globe from which, different religious forces are trying gain mileage for their agendas.


BBC is conducting a poll through its website about the appropriate reaction to the publication of caricatures by Jyllands-Posten. 3.3 percent voters say they would ignore them. 5.4 percent say they would have dialogue with the newspaper. 24.6 percent voters are in favor of protests. And 0.5 percent voters have no opinion on this issue.


No matter how unscientific or insignificant, but polls are a good way to know the opinion of the people about issues.


Still continuing protests in Islamic countries against these caricatures verify the results of these polls. The majority of Muslims who heard or read about these caricatures were hurt, but the question is: are these protests taking Muslims anywhere in international community?


We doubt anything positive will come out of these protests. These caricatures are not the last attempt by the critics of Islam to make fun of holy prophet or religion itself. These critics will continue their malignant efforts; Muslims should learn to tolerate these things with grace and dignity; because, such efforts, instead of defaming holy prophet or Islam, simply expose them who do such vicious things.


More appropriate response for Imams in Denmark, instead of playing culprits and advertising these caricatures, should have been to meet the editors of the newspaper and talk to them about the consequences of printing such caricatures. That would have been the end of the issue.


Muslims and other communities should realize, our world is no more a limited world, where vicious things done in one territory or community remain limited to that territory or community. We should always remember, some of our actions, may have negative or positive global consequences.


A peaceful world is in the best  interest of everyone.



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