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There Are Only Two Model Democracies: UK and US

General Musharraf has repeatedly said that there are many forms of democracies and each country has picked the form of democracy suitable to its social conditions. Musharrafites also use the same rhetoric when they want to criticize democracy, democratic forces and democratic institutions.


The fact of the matter is there are only two model democracies in the world and they are: England and United States of America. Both English and American models of democracies have worked uninterrupted for long enough to gain complete hold in those societies and the people of both countries are reaping the fruits of established democratic systems. English model works through parliamentary form of government whereas American model works through Presidential form of government. Both systems insure the people’s total control over the state affairs and decision making process.


Rest of the democracies have followed these two models. For example, India chose to follow British model right after partition. Indians have very successfully replicated the British model and Indians enjoy democratic rights as their British and American counterparts.


The people of Pakistan need to have access to follow one of the two models. They chose British model as form of democracy to run their state affairs. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder and sole spokes person of Pakistanis, several times spoke about his preference of British model. The people of Pakistan unanimously chose British model of democracy in 1973 constitution. Unfortunately, in Pakistan outlaw generals, one after other, sabotaged democratic process.


The best thing about both democratic models is the people living under these models never lose hope. Britons, Americans and Indians are always hopeful. The reason is: they know if nothing else works they can change their governments through elections.


Today, the people of Pakistan have lost hope. They have seen two prime ministers come and go and the third one has sworn in, but they see no light at the end of the tunnel. They know these changes are insignificant.


Mullahs are also a serious hurdle in the establishment of democracy in Pakistan. They present Islam as an alternative, but practically there is no Islamic model. What Mullahs are doing in the name of Islam in NWFP is nothing but ignorance and crude way of handling government affairs.


The fact of the matter is the system general Musharraf has erected in the name of democracy has nothing to do with democracy, because in any model of democracy there is no room for a serving Commander In Chief of the armed forces to sit at the helm of affairs and call all the shots.


Instead of issuing confusing statements about democracy, what Pakistan needs is unfettered democracy. Without unfettered democracy, the people of Pakistan may continue feeling alienated, dismayed and hopeless



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