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General Musharraf’s Stinky Remarks


General Musharraf’s ideas as well as his presence at national scene are destroying the image of Pakistan.


This man unconsciously keeps burping out stinky ideas through ill thought remarks which hurt Pakistan more than help.


A fresh example is his remark on democracy while he was addressing an investors’ conference in Davos, Switzerland.


Talking about democracy in Pakistan, he contemptuously remarked, “Democracy never worked in Pakistan.”


It is a shameful thing to say, particularly, if a person like general Musharraf says it, because he is one of those outlaw generals who interrupted democratic process time and again.


Pakistan came into existence through democratic process. The people of the area voted for Pakistan.


Foreign rulers gave a choice to the people of the area and they created Pakistan with the power of their vote.


Stinky Pakistani generals took this right to hire and fire their rulers away from the people of Pakistan.


General Musharraf is the worst of all.


Ayub, Yahya and Zia simply focused on staying in power. They subjugated the people of Pakistan. They refrained from maligning Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.


General Musharraf is the worst of all, because he is not only subjugating the people of Pakistan, he never loses a chance to malign Pakistan and the people of Pakistan at international platforms.


During his last visit to the United States he made unbecoming remarks about Pakistani women. When confronted by international media he blamed Washington Post for printing his comments out of context. Washington Post released the tapes of his interview and called him “liar”, “silly” and “idiot.”


Now, he says, “Democracy never worked in Pakistan.” These remarks are equal to insult for the people of Pakistan. It is like saying, “The people of Pakistan are not worthy of democracy.”


Shame on a general who draws his salary from the taxes paid by the people of Pakistan and still insults them by making such remarks in an international forum.  He doesn’t look at his own conduct.


He came to power by committing a crime. He violated the article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan. He illegally took over the country and than subverted the constitution itself through unconstitutional means.


The people of Pakistan are very much capable to run democracy. They are quite capable to elect the right people for the right office.


If democracy did not work in Pakistan, it is not due to the people of Pakistan, it is due to the criminal generals who join army to save Pakistan from outside aggression, but they commit aggression against Pakistan and illegally take it over.


General Musharraf is also one such general. He has no right to insult the people of Pakistan by saying they are not capable to make democracy work.




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