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Is Waziristan Next Battleground For US And Al Qaeda?


Last week, US launched missiles in Bajaur Pakistan which killed 18 people including women and children.


US and Pakistani intelligence agencies worked with each other to launch these missiles. It was verified by John McCain and Washington Post, United States’ most prominent newspaper.


Did general Musharraf know about the missile attack? If the missiles were launched in result of information exchange between US and Pakistani intelligence agencies, probably, general Musharraf had information ahead of the missile attack. Pakistani intelligence agencies would not give “go ahead” to US army to launch missile until general would approve it.


What does this mean?


It means that United States is ready to chase Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda, or whatever of it is left, in Waziristan.


General Musharraf has been carrying out action against Al Qaeda remnants in Waziristan, but the ever growing insurgency in Afghanistan shows that general’s efforts are not bearing desired fruits.


While US war in Iraq is not going good, US definitely won’t like to lose on Iraq and Afghanistan front simultaneously. US administration has to keep Afghanistan front quieter to keep the anti war forces at home silent. Bad news both from Iraq and Afghanistan may not leave them silent for too long. If insurgency grows in Afghanistan, it may give new ammunition to anti war forces to pound Bush administration.


Iraq front is what it is good or bad to deal with because both US forces and insurgents are fighting each other on the same battlefield.


Afghan insurgents enter in Afghanistan from bordering areas of Pakistan, which is literally under Al Qaeda control, and ambush Americans and pro American Afghani outfits. They are highly mobile. They attack inside Afghanistan and disappear in Waziristan.


General’s lackluster approach in Waziristan and presence of 45 thousand Pakistani troops is not preventing them from their insurgent activities.


What does this mean?  


This means US engagement will further grow in Waziristan and US forces will undertake more hot pursuits of Al Qaeda outfits in Waziristan, which will turn this area into a new battleground between Al Qaeda and US troops.


Osama Bin Laden issued a new tape, aired by Al Jazeera, in which he apparently gave a truce message to US, but infact, he told US and his opponents that he was well and alive and he was ready to launch new attacks on the US.


Bin Laden’s every then and now surfacing tapes, make it even more pertinent for the United States to chase and destroy Osama Bin Laden and his forces and US exactly knows where to chase him—Waziristan.




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