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Stop Genocide in Balochistan

While world is watching Saddam Hussain’s trial for killing Kurds, Pakistan’s general Musharraf, a self appointed president, has ordered killing of Balochis. Ethnically Balochis are related to Kurds who centuries ago migrated from Kurdistan to Balochistan. While Balochi language shares many words with Kurd language, Balochis share fate with their far off Kurd brothers. Kurds have been tortured and killed by Saddam Hussain Balochis are being killed by Pakistan Army. Right now, general Musharraf is doing this despicable Job.

A few months back, General Musharraf personally threatened Balochis on a TV channel that he would hit them and they even won’t know what has hit them. During last 6 years of his tyrannical rule, General Musharraf thwarted every threat to his power through any means—legal or illegal. He collaborated with criminals and corrupts where necessary and kidnapped and tortured his opponents where nothing else worked.

Since his illegal take over, Balochis have also been challenging his legitimacy to power. They openly challenge his claim to power and want him to go home as he was fired by a legitimate prime minister. They want provincial autonomy and due share in local and federal resources.

Pak Fauj which has been in illegitimate control of state of Pakistan since the creation of this country, it hates even mildest opposition to its right to rule Pakistan. Military generals, who rule Pakistan on behalf of Pak Fauj, ruthlessly bomb and kill people where there is dissent.

 They killed thousands of Bengalis who challenged their right to rule. Eventually Bengalis got relief while 90 thousand of Pak Faujies disgracefully surrendered to Indian Army in 1971 war. Then East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Even this disgraceful defeat did not force Pak Fauj change its doctrine.

 It’s the same Pak Fauj with same doctrine to illegally rule the state of Pakistan and bomb and kill the people if they resist.

 Before going to killing spree in Balochistan, general Musharraf started debate on Kala Bagh dam. While his soldiers are killing innocent Balochis, hundreds have been killed by now; he was talking to ‘yes men’ in Sindh about Kala Bagh Dam.

 Even the people in largest province Punjab are focusing on Kala Bagh Dam. They are as unconcerned about genocide in Balochistan as they were unconcerned to genocide in East Pakistan.

 Saddam Hussain is on trial for killing Kurds, but will general Musharraf ever be tried for killing Balochis? Perhaps not, because none of the Pakistani generals has ever been tried for his crimes. More over, this is not the first genocide general Musharraf has ordered. He has been implicated in genocides before. Reports are still available about the genocide he ordered in Gilgit.

 The people of Pakistan need to forget about Kala Bagh Dam and focus on Balochistan. They need to play their role to stop Pak Fauj from this killing spree. Without East Pakistan, Pakistan is still there, but without Balochistan, Pakistan won’t be there any longer.



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