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Lectures About Democracy?



Pakistani foreign office issued a statement that Pakistan doesnít need lectures about democracy from any foreign country.


On this issue, we hear a lot of rhetoric from general Musharraf and his different cronies and bugs sitting on his coattail.


Pakistanís illegal political setups are a serious problem for the people of Pakistan, for the region where Pakistan is located and for the world at large.


If Pakistanis demand from illegal political actors to back off, they have a right to do so. For example, general Musharraf is an illegal president. He came into power through an illegal act. Rest of it is history; all Pakistanis and the world know how he covered his ass (American idiom) after illegal take over. If people of Pakistan demand from him that he should quit what is wrong with it?


If regional powers talk about democracy, they have a right to do so because Pakistanís illegitimate rulers have turned Pakistan into an irresponsible state which is responsible for spread of terrorism and nuclear proliferation. The regional powers rightfully believe if there were a democratically elected and legal political setup in Pakistan, this country would probably behave more within the norms of international laws. Since illegitimate rulers in uniform benefit by breaking the law, they do not respect international laws as well. They use all types of tactics, legal and illegal, to achieve their objectives.


Pakistan is member of United Nations and according to the UN charter it has certain responsibilities and obligations towards its citizens and international community. It has to act within those limits which it doesnít towards its citizens as well as towards international community. Therefore, if international community lectures Pakistan about democracy, it has every right to do so.


General Musharraf can harass, subjugate, control, choke, kidnap, torture, interrogate, jail or bombard and kill (he doesnít have a right to do all this because all these acts are a crime under international law) his own people, but he or his coattail bugs cannot tell the international community that it should not lecture Pakistan about democracy.


Pakistan is a sick state. It is a sick state because it is run and controlled by criminals who are accountable to none and who have a whole state apparatus at their disposalóa state apparatus that tells its citizens, regional powers and international community to shut-up and not talk about democracy.


Democracy is the call of the day. It is the demand of the people of Pakistan and the people around the globe.


Illegitimate rulers in Pakistan and Myanmar and other parts of the world should know that their days are numbered and they cannot sustain their unethical, illegal and criminal set-ups any longer.


The forces of democracy are on the march.  




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