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Is China Afraid of Democracy?


Democracy is such a powerful message it sends shivers down the spine of dictators, ruling elites and dictatorial establishments across the globe. Why these forces are afraid of democracy? There is only one simple explanation: Dictatorial forces don’t want the people should control the decision making processes.


People’s Republic of China which is People’s Republic for name sake, and which calls its currency RMB, which means the people’s money’ is also afraid of democracy. It is afraid of democracy for the same reason. Like all other dictatorial powers, it doesn’t like the people of People’s Republic of China should control the decision making process in China.  


We learned about China’s fears of democracy when during our recent visit we found out that People’s Republic of China had officially blocked Pakistan Weekly, a US based Internet weekly, which advocates democracy, human rights and constitutionalism in Pakistan.


Pakistan Weekly loads up on systems all over the world except China. Chinese government blocked Pakistan Weekly, because its message about constitutionalism, democracy and human rights is too powerful. They simply cannot handle it. That is why they decided to deny access to Pakistan Weekly to people of China.  


We discussed the issue of press freedom with editorial staff of Shanghai Daily. They claimed internet enjoyed maximum freedom in People’s Republic of China. There were no curbs on internet in China that is what they informed us, but they refused to comment on Pakistan Weekly’s blockage in China. However, they were happy that Shanghai Daily’s internet edition was well received all across the globe and the list of its subscribers was growing.


China is on the road to prosperity and development. Growing number of elegant skyscrapers in Shanghai and other cities of China, modern freeways, 35 miles long route of experimental fastest train in the world and constant 8 – 10 percent economic growth rate show China’s promising future, but widening gap between rich and poor and lingering scenes of poverty across China also show the harsh reality that China still needs to go a long way.


China cannot become a developed and modern country without opening up its system to its people. Like all other totalitarian systems, Chinese government is also very much conscious about what goes on inside China at people’s level and very much eager to curb the voices of dissent, but it is only complicating the matters. More and more people are becoming cognizant to the reality of corruption and injustice taking place in higher echelons in China and they want to do something about it.


While working on economic development, Chinese government should also work on opening up its system to its people. Without people’s involvement no change is significant and meaningful. A gradual change and shift towards democracy will help China to become a modern and developed country in the real sense.



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