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Smaller Provinces Have The Right to Secede

Pakistani generals have left not option for smaller provinces other than seceding out of federation of Pakistan.


Any political system must deal with three fundamental questions: How one will come in power? How long will he rule, and how he will exit?


Pakistani general have made so much mess in Pakistan, the nation and the world at large only knows how someone will come in power (through military coup or behind the scene conspiracies hatched by GHQ and ISI), but no one knows how long will he rule and when he will exit. Even those who come in power through military coup are not sure how long they will stay in power and how they will exit.


Due to these shenanigans, the people of Pakistan are sick and tired of military dictators.


Before, tired of military dictatorship, Bengalis broke away from the federation. Now, tired of military dictatorship, other smaller provinces want to embark on the same route. They want to secede out of federation of Pakistan.


It is peopleís right to hire and fire their rulers through popular vote. If this right is denied to them, they have the right to demolish any such government which denies them this right. If Pakistani generals donít want to stay within their limits and they are coercing the people to forgo this right, the people of smaller provinces have the right to secede out of Pakistan.


Thirty years ago, Bengalis used this right and now they are in much better condition. They have constitution, rule of law, democracy and thriving economy. They have better reputation in outside world.


Pakistanis hate seeing their country run by generals who are answerable to none for their actions.


Pakistanis struggle for democracy, rule of law and constitution goes way back when Pakistan came into existence.


The people of Pakistan started efforts to formulate constitution to run their country according to rule of law, but the enemies of state of Pakistan, mostly generals, started efforts to keep Pakistan a state without constitution.


They donít want the people to know: 1) how one should come in power, 2) how long should he/she rule the country and 3) how he/she should exit from power.


But time is running out. Peopleís patience (particularly the patience of people of smaller country) is also running out.


The illegal rulers of Pakistan must go back to barracks or take the risk of dismemberment of Pakistan.


Choice is theirs.







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