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Will Monkeys Rule Pakistan Forever?

Earthquake was the last straw on Pakistan’s democracy’s back. It occurred at a time when disarrayed democratic forces wanted to launch a movement against general Musharraf to bring democracy to dictatorship ridden country.


Even the mullahs who helped general Musharraf to incorporate 17th amendment in the constitution of Pakistan were together with democratic forces to oust general Musharraf through popular movement.  


Earthquake changed this scenario.


Now, monkeys are all over.


There is no more hope for democracy. Popular leaders Mian Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto toned down their rhetoric against military rule in Pakistan. MMA’s internal divisions became more evident as Chief Minister Sarhad, Durrani, attended NSC meeting with the approval of Fazl Ur Rehman regardless of Qazi Hussain Ahmad’s objection.


Pakistani nation always had a strong commitment with democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law. However, the ruling elite, the army in the forefront, always had a stronger will power to keep democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law out.


Pakistan’s internal and external balance of forces always remained tilted in favor of ruling elite. Sometimes, internal circumstances helped ruling elite to maintain balance in its favor and sometimes, external forces helped it to continue undermine democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law in the country.


This earthquake has made the future of people of Pakistan even bleaker.


As earthquake cripples half of Pakistan, the monkeys further strengthen their rule in Pakistan. General Musharraf, a despicable character, time and again shows his despising face on TV screens talking nonsense all the time.


A nation that made so many sacrifices for democracy over the period of last 50 years is left with the only defiant voice of Qazi Hussain Ahmad the rightwing zealot disguised in democratic garb.


Is there any hope left for Pakistan?


None whatsoever!


These monkeys have made Pakistan synonymous with nightmare. Pakistan is a nightmare for its people living inside and outside.


Those living inside are being helplessly killed by these monkeys, natural disasters, epidemics, terrorists, poverty and hunger. If they do not commit suicide, earthquakes hit them and destroy them.


Those living outside, they receive constant blows of shame and insult coming from monkeys in control of Pakistan.


“There is difference between ‘reshtorashon’ and ‘rehabilitashion’ the big monkey tells them over the TV waves.    


Perhaps Washington Post is right to depict him as ‘Silly’ and ‘Stupid’. He let thousands of innocent people die while buried under rubble, but talks about ‘reshtorashon’ and ‘rehabilitashion’.


Why these monkeys think the people are stupid? They don’t understand the difference between ‘restoration’ and ‘rehabilitation.’ They know all this and they also bear the witness of the death of thousands of Pakistanis who died due to the negligence and incompetence of general Musharraf and his sissy-sassy prime minister.


Now, even nature has moved against Pakistan. These monkeys need to get off the back of the nation and let it survive as a normal society.




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