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Dictators Inspire, Promote and Spread Terrorism

There is not a single event of terrorism which cannot be linked back with individual or state dictatorship. Dictatorships inspire, promote and spread terrorism.

For example, Pakistani nation is fed-up with its generals illegally taking over the country. It is fed up with Americans supporting every military coup in Pakistan and supporting every criminal in uniform in power. It is fed up with Saudi Arabia and China who closely work with every military dictator in Pakistan.


Pakistani nation did every thing possible to stop these criminals in uniform from taking over the country illegally, but nothing has really worked.


The nation came out on the streets in late 1960s and raised slogans “Ayub Kuta Hai Hai, Ayub Kuta Hai Hai and got rid of Ayub, but another general was waiting in the wings to take over the country.


The majority of people, sick and tired of such illegal takeovers, fought back and opted out for a new country. That is how they got out of the clutches of Pakistan’s coward army that always kills its own people. However, the remainder of the nation still remained under the siege of another general for eleven and half years.


This devilish general did every thing possible to destroy the spirit of democracy in the country. He tried medieval age punishments against people who stood up in support of democracy.  He tied up pro democracy activists on wooden stands and whipped  their bare butts in presence of thousands of people.  He incarcerated them in jails and tortured them to destroy their spirits,  but the nation continued its struggle against his illegal rule and eventually got rid of this devil’s incarnation by arranging mid-air plane crash. The then American Ambassador also lost his life in this crash.


Now, we have another general in illegal control of state of Pakistan. According to the constitution of Pakistan, he committed the crime of military coup on October 12, 1999 and ever since he is hiding in President House, he is armed and dangerous. He is so powerful, even the long arm of law cannot reach him.


As usual he is being supported by the United States of America, the champion of democracy and human rights; by Saudi Arabia, the champion and custodian of the faith of the pure; and China, Pakistan’s eternal friend.


There are long columns of criminals turned politicians who are using all their energies to keep this fourth devil’s incarnation in power till the day he vanishes in thin air. Some of his collaborators enjoy people’s support; some of them are western educated, thus very articulate and expert in spinning issues to the extent that people see the illegal ruler of Pakistan as the only choice left for them. This makes people even angrier.


There is no other nation on the surface of planet earth that is stuck with such devils in uniform for so long. Of course, Burma and few more are there, but they are as bad countries as is Pakistan.


The people of Pakistan always hated military generals for their illegal takeovers, but now the anger and hatred is growing against criminal politicians who support military rulers, against United States, Saudi Arabia and China. The people of have started killing and kidnapping Chinese workers in Pakistan. Several such incidents occurred previous and current year.


It is a dangerous trend making inroads in Pakistani population. General Musharraf’s illegal tactics to remain in power are fanning hatred against United States, China and Saudi Arabia. People think these countries are responsible for general Musharraf’s perpetuated military rule..


Here is what we suggest to United States, Saudi Arabia and China, all three dear friends of Pakistan. Please, stop cooperating with illegal Pakistani rulers. Don’t deal with them. Encourage illegal rulers like General Musharraf to hand over power to democratically elected leaders and insist on dealing with duly elected representatives of the people of Pakistan.


Dictators, most of them  without legal, ethical or political legitimacy, inspire, promote and spread terrorism. At least that is what it is going on in Pakistan.


Only across the board, around the globe, democracies can uproot terrorism and guarantee peace and development.




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