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What Democracy Can Do For Pakistan?


Pakistan’s military rulers have successfully demonized democracy in Pakistan. Their propaganda machine has created many pseudo intellectuals, politicians and journalists who  defame democracy day in day out.


General Musharraf himself consistently issues statements to confuse Pakistani mind about the prospects of democracy in Pakistan. He doesn’t miss a chance to make derogatory remarks about democratic institutions and politicians.


The general may be as sophisticated as he likes, but the people of Pakistan  know the real intentions of self-appointed president of Pakistan.


Of course General Musharraf and his military colleagues intend to keep themselves in power as long as they can. To perpetuate themselves, they would do all sorts of things. derogatory statements about democratic institutions and politicians are part of the game. The more frustration the people of Pakistan show about democratic institutions and politicians the longer Pakistani generals stay in power.


However, there is a very serious problem with general Musharraf’s set-up. Like his predecessors, he has set-up a structure in Pakistan, which does not show how and when general Musharraf will leave office.


General Ayub, Yahya and Zia also did not let the people see their method and moment of exit. Consequently, the circumstances dictated the method and moment of their exit.


Democracy has a self-correcting mechanism. It gives hope to people. If people get frustrated or disgruntled with their rulers, at least they have a hope to throw them out through electoral process.


The people of Spain did not like the policies of their prime minister. They threw him out and elected a new prime minister whose ideas are closer to their wishes.


The people of United Kingdom and United States do not like the policies or their rulers.  There are going to be elections in the United States in November this year and in United Kingdom in April next year; the people of UK and US have choice to throw their rulers out and elect new leaders.


Pakistani generals have taken this right away from the people of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan cannot throw the general out even if they do not like his policies. Only they can get angry, commit suicides or demonstrate in the streets to change the government.


If the people of Pakistan, like the people of United Kingdom or the people of United States establish democracy in Pakistan, they do not have to get angry or commit suicide or demonstrate in the streets to throw their rulers out.


General Musharraf and his collaborators can make all sorts of confusing statements about democracy, democratic institutions and politicians; however, his deceptive system is always going to be inferior to democracy.


Only democracy has the strengths that allow the people to shape their lives according to their ideals and dreams and also help them to successfully run their country.


The people of Pakistan, sooner or later, have to make the choice between a deceptive illegal ruler or a democratically elected  ruler whom they can send home if they do not like his policies.



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