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The Inside Aggressors

All professional soldiers, generals or rankers, work all their lives to grow in an institution which is entrusted with the noble job of the safety and security of their country. If an outside aggressor tries to violate the sanctity of the borders of their country, they defend it even if they have to sacrifice their lives.


It is their training, agility, willingness to sacrifice their lives and the know-how of advanced weapons systems which make a country safe from outside aggressors.


But what is a country?


Is it just a geographical territory? Yes, a country should have geographical territory, but it needs more than a geographical territory to make it a country. It needs people, the people who are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the same professional soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend their country.


A country also needs a government to administer its day to day affairs and maintain the wellbeing of its people.  


A country also needs a constitution, a consensual book of guidance to run and maintain balance between different branches of government such as legislature, judiciary and administration.


There are not only outside aggressors who threaten the safety and security of a country by violating its territorial integrity, there are inside Aggressors who violate the integral parts of internal safety and security of a country. Many times, these inside aggressors prove more destructive than outside aggressors.


A geographical territory without people, constitution and three actively and effectively functioning branches of government does not make a country. It is equally important to maintain the safely and security of these internal components.


Inside aggressors breech the safety and security of these internal elements. The countries that cannot maintain the safety and security of these internal components eventually lose their geographical territory which professional soldiers are entrusted to defend with their lives.


Sometimes, these inside aggressors are men in uniform hidden among professional soldiers like black sheep. They are blended so well among the professional soldiers, even the most patriotic soldiers cannot differentiate them. Sometimes, they even naively join them.


These inside aggressors just wait for the right time to strike. They want to destroy the country from insideóthe country the professional soldiers want to defend with their blood.


Generals Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq and Pervez Musharraf are examples of these inside aggressors.


Each one of them played a vital role in the destruction of Pakistan. If nothing else, at least they destroyed the vital parts of Pakistan called constitution, judiciary and legislature.


Generals Ayub and Yahya facilitated the geographical destruction of Pakistan in the shape of dismemberment of East Pakistan.


General Zia ul Haq damaged Pakistan internally and externally. He involved Pakistan in unwanted proxy war. He destroyed the people of Pakistan by introducing drugs, guns and violence. He also destroyed the constitution and all three branches of government.


General Pervez Musharraf, the current inside aggressor, the black sheep in uniform, has done almost the same damage to Pakistan like his predecessor inside aggressors.


General Ayub, Yahya and Zia are dead. They have become part of hall of shame of our national history for ever.


General Musharraf is still alive and on the scene.


General Ayub, Yahya and Zia ul Haq were not the friends of Pakistan or professional soldiers. They were inside aggressors waiting for the right time to strike. When time came, they struck and did their part of damage to Pakistan.


General Musharraf is not friend of Pakistan either. He is not a professional soldier. He was a black sheep in uniform blended with the rest of professional soldiers. He also waited for the right moment. When the right time came he also struck. Now, he is trying to destroy Pakistan from inside.


He has breeched all lines of defenses of internal parts of safety and security of Pakistan. Literally, there is no constitution, legislature, judiciary or administration in Pakistan. He has already damaged these vital internal parts of the country.


Primarily, it is the responsibility of professional military leaders among themselves to be vigilant about these internal aggressors and black sheep like Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq and Pervez Musharraf. Anytime, these internal aggressors violate the constitution, and undermine the rule of law, they violate the defenses of the security of state of Pakistan. By doing so,  not only they give a bad name to the Armed Forces of Pakistan in and out of the country, they endanger the safety and security of the country.  


Within last 58 years, four such internal aggressors in uniform breeched the defenses of Pakistanís external and internal security. What does that tell us?  


It tells us that either stateís internal intelligence service is incapable to stop these internal aggressors, or military leadership is irresponsible to the extent to these let these elements thrive within the institution that has been entrusted with the safety and security of the state.


In either case, the people of Pakistan, the real stake holders of the country, should immediately look into this matter. Like his black sheep predecessors in uniform, this fourth inside aggressor, may well eliminate the sate of Pakistan from the map of world forever.


Who Will Say Sorry To The People of Pakistan?


Dr. Javed Iqbal went to Bangladesh to attend a 3 day conference on Islam and Peace in Dhaka. While speaking to Bangladeshi press reporters, Dr. Javed Iqbal expressed remorse about 1971 atrocities committed against Bengalis by Pakistani soldiers.


A while back, General Musharraf the current illegal ruler of Pakistan who is committing identical atrocities against his compatriots right now, also extended apology to Bangladeshis for the atrocities committed against them by Pakistani soldiers.


Unfortunately, the people of Pakistan have been receiving the same treatment by Pakistan soldiers for the last 58 years, but no general or Pakistani intellectual feels sorry for them or extends them apology.


Pakistani judges, intellectuals, journalists and so-called pseudo politicians join hands with generals who are committing these atrocities against the people of Pakistan.


They all have become united against the people of Pakistan and denying them fundamental political, democratic and human rights.


Does any one of them feels sorry for the people of Pakistan or wants to extend them apology?


No. Instead, shamefully they want to maintain their control over state of Pakistan at every cost. They want to keep the people out of decision making process for ever. No remorse, no apology or no regrets.


The people of Pakistan, like their Bangladeshi brothers, may receive an apology after the dismemberment of Pakistan.



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