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US Should Adopt 4 Way Partnership Policy In South Asia

Is US better off by building partnership with India to contain China or it has some other better policy options?


It seems the policy makers in Washington sold the idea of building partnership with India to the US Administration without properly looking into other policy options


In this regard, the fundamental question behind this policy option is that what does US administration really want to achieve by building partnership with India? Two main motives seem to have evolved this policy: future economic indicators and emerging security needs.  


All major economic indicators point towards China and India as emerging first and third largest economies in the world within next 25 years leaving US economy in the middle of first largest Chinese economy and third largest Indian economy.  


Keeping this emerging scenario in mind, US policy makers decided to collaborate with India, the future third largest economy, to compete and contain China, the expected first largest economy. 


The idea of containing China led US policy makers in the direction of formation of partnership with India.  They definitely ignored or chose to ignore many important factors while devising this policy.  


For example, US policy makers ignored the fact that China is a non expansionist power. To gain influence in its region and around the globe, China wisely uses strategic trade agreements. Whereas, United States employees force oriented policies to maintain its influence around the globe; these two diametrically opposed strategies are generating equally diametrically opposite results for China and the United States in the global arena.


It is evident from India’s past that its establishment doesn’t mind using force wherever and whenever it is necessary to protect Indian interests.


US policy makers ignored this historical fact that a partnership between two expansionist forces always ends up in confrontation due to eventual clash of interests. 19th and 20th century clashes are pretty much indicative of this harsh reality. Two world wars were the ultimate result of clash of interests.


Careful analysis shows, over the course of time, US-India partnership will collapse and US investment in India in terms of time, energy and resources will be lost. 


Are there any better options for the United States to protect its interest particularly in South Asia and generally around the globe?


It is evident from the current global picture that US policies stemmed from cold war are not effectively working in the changed world. The outdated policies are generating more problems for the US administration than helping it.


In South Asian context, US need to develop four way partnerships. From four way partnership we mean partnership between US, China, India and Pakistan. Four way partnerships will protect US interest in South Asia; uplift South Asia by resolving regional conflicts through mutual cooperation and partnerships, and guarantee regional security.


In the global context, US administration should carefully analyze Chinese tactics to protect her interests around the globe. Chinese are spending a lot less money than United States and making bigger gains in financial and trade terms. It doesn’t hurt to readjust or change outdated polices and adopt new ones.



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