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India Should Follow Israel's Example

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh asked Pakistan to shut down remaining terrorist training camps in order to continue the peace process. Pakistan, as always, denied that there were any training camps on its territory.


Prime Minister Manmohan made refreshed these charges against Pakistan in his I Day speech. Before, he made identical charges against Pakistan during his official visit to the United States.


There is nothing wrong with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s demand. If India feels there are any terrorist training camps in Pakistan, instead of making such statements in Washington or New Delhi, it should provide necessary evidence to Pakistani government and then make this demand.


However, if Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is just making such statements to maintain pressure on Pakistan it is against the fundamental principles of CBMs being taken between the two countries.


It is unfortunate, right now an unelected illegal president is ruling Pakistan, but there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that people of Pakistan support the peace process between two countries. The people of Pakistan want to solve disputes with India through amicable means. They are keenly monitoring the measures both governments are taking towards amicable solution of all outstanding disputes.


So far what people of Pakistan have observed since the initiation of peace process is that it is only Pakistan which is taking one sided steps towards peace. They genuinely feel the Indian government has not reciprocated Pakistan’s efforts to resolve mutual disputes.


This is definitely not a good scenario.


We all know that people of India and Pakistan are more ardent than their governments to see peace and mutual cooperation between two countries. Many activists from India and Pakistan have off and on taken different steps to bring peace between two countries.


If the people of Pakistan have started feeling dismayed about the reciprocity of Indian government about peace process, the Indian government should pay attention to their emotions. It is not only important for Pakistanis to see reciprocity from Indian government, Kashmiris who are the primary victims of India-Pakistan rivalry would also like to see some forward movement in peace process. 


Recently, Israeli government decided to pull out from Gaza strip to further the peace process between Israel and Palestine. Israeli pull out gave feelings of jubilance to the people of Palestine. Israeli pull out from Gaza will definitely generate some goodwill towards Israel among Palestinians.


India should follow Israel’s example and take some concrete steps to show its sincerity and longing for peace. If nothing else, India should immediately announce to pull out its forces from Kashmir and provide relief to Kashmiri people.


Empty statements by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are not going to make any different on the ground. The people of India, Pakistan and Kashmir want to see some concrete steps which validate India’s desire for peace.



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