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Rule of Law Is More Important Than Continuity of Policies

Who were the biggest law violators in the history of Pakistan? Four Pakistani generals: Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Pervez Musharraf. Did any of them receive any punishment for violating the land of the law? No.


What is common among them?


They all took over Pakistan illegally—they all wanted to establish real democracy—and they all wanted continuity of policies.


What do they mean by continuity of Policies?


They all wanted to perpetuate their rule in the name of continuity of policies, but they perpetuated only one policy—the continuity of military rule.


Is continuity of policies such a wise thing that military generals should be allowed to break law, violate the peoples’ rights, and destroy national institutions?


No. The world is always changing. The terms and conditions change. The circumstances change. There is nothing permanent under the sun. Societies are living organs. They need to change in order to respond the changing conditions around them.


General Musharraf talks about the continuity of policies, but he changed several of his policies within last 5 years. When he came to power, he supported Taliban and Kashmiri militants, but changed his policies towards both of them. Instead of supporting them he aligned with the international forces that wanted to destroy them. If general changed his own policies where is the continuity of policies?


Of course, it is not the continuity of policies; it is general Musharraf’s hold on power which he does not want to relinquish at any cost. His predecessors did the same thing. The held on to power until they were forced either by the circumstances or by the people.


Will general Musharraf leave honorably?


It is an open question for anyone. None of his predecessors left voluntarily, possibility is he will not leave either.


Continuity of policy is a charade that general Musharraf is using to perpetuate his illegitimate rule over Pakistan.


More over, it is rule of law that is more important than continuity of policies. Rule of law sustains only if the custodians of law—or the personnel working for the law enforcement agencies, respect and enforce law. If they start breaking the law by themselves, the law becomes a mockery exactly the way it has become in Pakistan on the hands of law violating generals.


The people of Pakistan need to know that outlaw forces are not going to respect the rule of law on their own. The people need to stand-up in support of the constitution, rule of law and democracy.




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