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Terrorism: General Zia's Ghost

After 58 years, the nation should have settled the fundamental issues such as constitution, rule of law, form of government, institutional limits, people’s rights, inter-class relations, inter-provincial issues and fundamental national priorities.


Unfortunately, the menace of military intervention in state affairs right after the creation of Pakistan blurred the lines of demarcation between all these areas and turned the country in a pig house where nothing is clear.


This state of affairs allowed any adventurer to take over the country and use the state power to shape Pakistan according to his world view. These adventurers turned things upside down according to their shabby vision.


One such adventurer was general Zia ul Haq. He illegally took over Pakistan and then used all state might to shape the lives of the people according to his despicable and stinky ideals.


Jihad and Jihadis were his products.


What this mentally sick general did in Pakistan for eleven and half years, today Pakistan and the world are paying its price with human lives and blood.  First, there was 9/11; then, there was 7/7. 3000 people became the victim of gory events of 9/11, 70 people died on 7/7.


This was the gift of the policies persuaded by a man who was not elected, who was illegal president of Pakistan and who was supported by many enlightened and moderate powers in the world.


Today, after 58 years of the creation of Pakistan, there is another illegal president running the country. Like his predecessor, he is also not answerable to anyone.


General Zia ul Haq had all the powers, but no responsibility. Today the whole world is bleeding because of general Zia ul Haq’s stupid policies, but no one mentions his name and the role he played in building the network of these killers called jihadis.


The institution general Zia ul Haq used to produce Jihad and Jihadis is still intact and thriving under general Musharraf.


General Musharraf also has all the powers, but no responsibility. Tomorrow, if the world again feels pinch because of his policies, no one will blame him. The blame will go to someone else.


These military dictators, who illegally take over the country and become presidents through illegal means, hold all the power, but bear no responsibility.


Before general Zia and general Musharraf, there was another general who held all the power, he broke Pakistan in 1971, but he bore no responsibility. He was laid to rest with national honor and decorum.


Common Pakistanis wonder, how long this vicious cycle of powerful-but-without-responsibility-military-dictators continue in Pakistan?


It is about time the Pakistani nation and the world community speaks with one voice and demand for a constitutional government in the country. Only a system with supremacy of constitution, rule of law and democracy can make Pakistan a peaceful country—a country which is not at war against itself and against the rest of the world.



Stop Propaganda Against Democracy


Since general Musharraf’s frog-style emergence on Pakistan’s national scene, anti democratic forces have stepped up their efforts to undermine democracy in the country. General Musharraf himself doesn’t miss a chance to ridicule democracy through his condemnable actions.


Now, the epidemic of ridiculing democracy is spreading in Pakistan’s TV channels. There is not a single TV channel which doesn’t telecast apparently entertaining but virtually misleading propaganda material against democracy.


Geo being in lead by carrying anti democracy propaganda programs is setting the trend. Now, other channels are following Geo and coming up with their own anti democracy propaganda programs.


Geo has carried anti democracy programs like HUM SAB UMEED SAY HAIN, JANJAL PURA and KHUSHAL PURA on the top of commentary programs such as Follow Up with Fahd which carry heavy loaded anti democracy messages.


ARY telecasts a program titled “Class 1” which is anti democracy and pro military dictatorship presentation.


It is unfortunate the democratic system could not sustain in Pakistan because of reasons well known to every one. This does not provide justification that we should run propaganda programs against democracy and democratic institutions.





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