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Pakistani Nation's Dilemma


Pakistanis have been longing for democracy since the inception of Pakistan, but they could not surmount the one after other appearing hindrances in the path of establishment of democracy.


On the top, the circumstances in and around Pakistan always remained supportive of illegitimate governments.


The people of Pakistan carried out a pro-democracy movement in the last days of general Ayub Khan. General Yahya Khan took advantage of the situation and took over the country. Then circumstances started to deteriorate in the country which concluded on 1971 war and dismemberment of Pakistan.


During Zia’s period, Pakistanis gave every possible sacrifice for restoration of democracy, but Afghan war and regional circumstances lingered Zia regime for eleven and half years.


For 10 years, two civilian governments tried hard to move the country forward on democratic path, but behind the scene ISI hands continued to destabilize the governments.


Meanwhile, general Musharraf connived with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to oust the then military Chief Jehangir Karamat, staged Kargil conflict, sent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Washington to manage pullout from Kargil, and then eventually took over Pakistan.


Since Musharraf’s take over, Pakistani nation has been trapped in square twenty-two. The people are struggling for restoration of democracy, but riding on the tide of circumstances, general Musharraf is successfully failing the nation’s efforts to establish democracy.


Current circumstances are a double jeopardy for the people of Pakistan. They are damned if they struggle for democracy, because general Musharraf ties up their struggle with terrorism; and they are damned if they accept an illegitimate ruler, because they have to wait for restoration of democracy until west’s war against terrorism is done.


General Musharraf knows Pakistani nation’s dilemma and he is fully exploiting this situation. He wants to maintain his illegitimate control over the state of Pakistan, because he knows he can malign anyone for speaking out for democracy.


Western powers are also ignoring Pakistani nation’s struggle for democracy. They are backing general Musharraf vis-à-vis the people of Pakistan. Consequently, the people of Pakistan have started hating United States, because they believe United States supports illegitimate Pakistani rulers.


United States need to understand the difficulties of the people of Pakistan and pull its support for general Musharraf.


General Musharraf is an individual, who may not be there tomorrow on the scene, but the people of Pakistan are always going to be there. Therefore, United States should know that general Musharraf is part of the problem he is not part of the solution. 


Nations need to tie-up their interests with other nations not with individuals. Sooner the US administration adheres to this fundamental principle the better relations US will enjoy with Pakistani nation.


The people of Pakistan have every right to have unfettered democracy in their country. Why not help them to establish democracy in their country. A democratic Pakistan will have better prospects to survive as a peaceful country and play a positive role among the comity of nations.




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