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Iron Curtain Or Illegal Iron Hands!

General Musharraf talked about Iron curtain between the Western powers and the Islamic countries.


The Iron curtain between Western powers and Islamic countries is created by rulers like general Musharraf who are prevalent in the Islamic world. Be it Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia or any other Muslim country, most of the rulers in Muslim countries are holding on to power without  legitimacy.


These rulers have not only ruled these countries without legitimacy they have always used draconian methods to control their populace.


General Musharraf’s Pakistan is the worst Muslim country where the citizens of the state have been denied all rights. The citizens of General Musharraf’s Pakistan neither have political nor human rights.  


They people of general Musharraf’s Pakistan are so helpless they cannot even get justice against general Musharraf’s draconian actions in any Pakistani court. Pakistani courts do not have the power to entertain any case against general Musharraf’s injustices. Numerous innocent political workers are being thrown in jails through fabricated, manipulated and concocted cases.


Javed Hashmi, Asif Zardari, and now general Musharraf’s new victim, national assembly’s former speaker Yousaf Gilani, are few prominent examples.


Rulers of Islamic countries, and general Musharraf is included among them, should look at their own conducts.


Western countries’ governments have to deal with Muslim countries regardless whatever type of governments these countries have. States to state relations have to go on regardless who rules whom.


It is easy to stand on UN podium and read a prewritten speech to the international community about justice, equality, democracy, but it is difficult to practice these self evident and universal principles at home.


Before talking to the international community about these golden principles, general Musharraf should take off his uniform. Doesn’t he know his gestures to remain president and stay in uniform have divided the nation in the middle?


United States’ problem is to deal with the dreadful menace of terrorism, because, terrorists attacked United States. Why general Musharraf is blackmailing the government of United States and the people of Pakistan by showing that he is inevitable for war on terrorism?


Terrorism is international issue. It is all governments’ responsibility that they deal with this issue.


President Bush rightly pointed out in his UN speech that United States will democratize Muslim countries. It is a right approach. US should apply the same principle on the countries like Pakistan and rulers like general Musharraf. There is no iron curtain between western powers and Muslim countries, but there are illegal iron hands between western powers and Muslim countries which Western powers need to get rid off.



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