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Musharraf's Presence May Facilitate Extremists' Takeover of Pakistan

We hear this argument time and again that extremists can take over Pakistan if general Musharraf is removed from the scene. The argument is further extended that extremists can get hold of nuclear arsenals if they take over the country.

Why this argument is presented time and again? The people who present this argument where they want to lead the minds of those who hear this argument.


There is a catch in this argument.


The only purpose of this argument is to strengthen support for general Musharraf. Those who present this argument, in a way they say, let general Musharraf rule the country other wise extremists will take over Pakistan.


Within Pakistan, not only liberals buy this argument they also try to convince others to stick with general Musharraf otherwise extremists are on the way in. Same argument is repeated by the supporters of general Musharraf in Europe and United States. Some even arrogantly propose that in the country of one hundred and fifty million extremists general Musharraf is the moderate and liberal person.


First, general Musharraf himself has said many times that majority of Pakistanis are liberal. If general’s argument is true and majority of Pakistanis are liberal where are and who are those extremists who want to take over Pakistan? 


Second, who are those right wingers who are in bed with general Musharraf from the day he illegally took over the country? They supported general Musharraf when he took over the country. They also supported him to incorporate 17th amendment in the constitution, they smoothed out the political bumps and helped the general to become president, they were with him yesterday, and they are going to be with him tomorrow, why are they being used as scare crow to keep the people of Pakistan deprived of their fundamental right to elect their rulers?


The fact of the matter is the possibility of extremists taking over Pakistan is zero. Only general Musharraf’s constant presence on the political scene is extending lease on extremists’ life in Pakistani politics.


General Musharraf has constantly blocked the role of mainstream political parties in the country. He has illegally denied Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif (liberal, moderate and popular leaders) their legitimate role in Pakistani politics. These so called extremists hardly won their own parliamentary seats when Benazir and Mian Nawaz Sharif participated in national elections.


Pakistani liberals and western supporters of general Musharraf should not hinge the future of Pakistan on one person. General Musharraf is a fake hinge. Extremists never mattered in Pakistani politics and they never will.


General Musharraf, due to his dictatorial behavior, is making matters worse for Pakistan. A democratic Pakistan will be better of without general Musharraf. Do not strengthen a dictator. Instead, strengthen democracy and democratic forces, only they can keep Pakistan safe from all genre of extremists. 



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