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Arms Control Regime: The Right Answer


United States successfully ended cold war with Soviet Union without shooting a bullet through establishment of Arms Control Regime. One can only wonder why US is not using this useful tool to handle crisis with Iraq and North Korea. Establishment of Arms Control Regime with Iraq and North Korea cannot only solve the problem of WMDs, it may even require less resources and no military action at all.


How US can do it? Simply, US policy makers have to go through the similar procedures that they followed with Soviet Union.


Soviet Union engaged with US in Arms Control agreements to create balance of weapons between itself and the United States. Iraq and N. Korea neither need to create a balance of weapons with United States nor they need to have WMDs to deter US from any future attacks.


Both regimes understand that a limited number of WMDs cannot deter United States launching a war against them. Therefore, it can be more promising for them to engage with United States in establishment of Arms Control regime instead.


United States can use Arms Control procedures to setup long term monitoring systems both in Iraq and North Korea whereas these twins can get alternative technology from the United States to boost their economies, level of technological development and standard of living of their people.


All United States have to do is to give up its stand on regime change in Iraq and fulfill the agreements she inked with North Korea in 1994. North Korea’s main complaint against the United States is her failure to keep up agreements with her.


US should know that it was United States that ever used nuclear weapons against an alien nation. Now, United States is not facing a threat from any nation. The threats are coming from shadowy terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda. Before, Al Qaeda was hiding in Afghanistan. United States knocked down Taliban regime to destroy Al Qaeda. But now Al Qaeda is active in sixty different countries according to Secretary of State Collin Powell and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It may be difficult for the United States to knock down regimes in sixty different countries. Particularly, knocking down regimes in sixty countries may not even solve the problem because Al Qaeda is a fluid enemy. They are moving from country to country. If they ever get hold of WMDs they are not going to shy away from using them against the United States. States such as Iraq and North Korea taken to task can hand down WMDs to Al Qaeda operatives and cause major destruction within United States or in he allied countries.


Therefore, a better approach for the United States to deal with Iraq and North Korea is to establish an Arms Control System. Saddam Hussein may be willing to accept such system on long-term basis depending on US willingness to work with him. Going to war may prove a costly venture both financially and humanly; it can also create undesirable results.


United States’ allies that stood beside her in gulf war in 1991 are not only uncooperative; France has showed intentions to veto any war resolution in UN Security Council. Other European and Middle Eastern allies also seem reluctant to support US war against Iraq.


Under these circumstances, US may be better off to go for establishment of Arms Control System in Iraq and follow the same line in North Korea. As a matter of fact, US may use the same tool with other countries it suspects can hand down WMDs to Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.


In order to establish Arms Control Regime, US may have to assure the rest of the world to not to use nuclear weapons first. It may have to destroy some of her WMDs and it may have to work with some persona non grata.



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